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XP Limit?

Is there a XP limit on mw3 because its been the 3rd time that I got alot of XP in one game and IW gives me none of it. My rank increases in the game but when im done i stay the same rank. Ive gotten about 60,000 and up to 70,000 xp in 2 different games from 5-6 10,000 xp challenges and I believe I deserve my xp if I earned it fair and square. P.S I play Demilition and get from 50-100 kills most games so thats how I get my XP too.

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    i had 3 games, in the first one i got 66 000 xp, in the second i got 73 000 i think and in the third something over 50 000. all 3 games without double xp. i didn't boost, glitch or something like that. just legit games with insane xp, and i got deranked EVERYTIME ! i was so mad about that, but you can't do anything to get back your xp, they are simply lost. I HATE IW for this, how can they build in such a unnecessary xp limit ? -.-