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-epic moments- submit your epic moments! epic clips!

Hi im working on a project called "epic moments" right now im searching for clips. at the moment i only have 4 submitted clips and i need lots more. so if you would like to send some of your clips so i can edit them and send them on youtube, that would be awesome   " will you put my youtube channel name and in game name in description (if i wants to)


- yes, of course i will put ur youtube channel name in description if you  would like, and if you allready have it on youtube but want to submit it  for more views thats fine



"so, who are you?"'

- i am a old gamer that has quitted call of duty for a while because i have lots of editing to do, and i need a break -_- hehe


"so, what games do you take?"

- i recommend mw3 but black ops is also fine. if it is a VERY awesome clip i also accept mw2

requirments to submit clip:

- 1920x1080 screen resulution recommend, but i accept  most of clips with lower resulution if the video is good

- 720p or higher



good quality sound in your clip, if not i will just put some music in


so, "how do i submit clips"

- simply send me ur clip at trulsgamer@hotmail.no


"when do you think the video will be done?"

- really depends alot but from when i have all clips it should not take more than 5-11 days


"how can i trust that you dont steal my clips?"

- honestly you cant trust me but i have no reason to do that, all i want to do is doing you a favor and submitting your clips and get myself some cash from youtube partnership





"see you in the battlefield, soldier!"

- editing4life