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Has Anyone Noticed??

That the Akimbo USP's have the same knife glitch animation as in MW2? Oh wait, I forgot, no one uses pistols in this game. Or any other secondary. Everyone rolls those stupid akimbo machine pistols.


Trollface is worse when he's got a point.

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    I use the stinger, I have never even got any machine pistol to level 5.

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    Akimbo FMG9's are def OP. Thankfully, it seems that less and less people are using them because they're so cheap. Seems at one point EVERYONE was. Either way, they're effective. Personally, I use akimbo G18's. A bit harder to use (slower rate of fire; more recoil); I like the challenge. Not uber enough to run around with a pistol and think it would be a potential life-saver in a heated situation when my primary needs a reload (or out of ammo). I'm not THAT good.

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    My only secondaries are the Stinger and a silenced Skorpion, because the MP9 I just can't stand.

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    I only use launchers. My AA class has the stinger, obviously and my other classes I sport the RPG. Something about that damn launcher that just kicks serious butt on these small maps.

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    I use the stinger. Think I maybe have a dozen kills with other secondaries because I had to pick them up due to being out of ammo.