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An idea for connection testing


I have an idea. I see no reason why this couldn't be done in a short term test.


Many people have theorized that a reason for the excessive lag compensation and connection issues stem from the inclusion of Theater and all the massive amounts of stat tracking with Elite.


So, here is my thoughts. Turn both completely off for, lets say a week, and see how it goes. Just put out a patch to completely disable theater and the option to turn it back on, turn off Elite. After the test period, roll back the patch.

Local stat tracking has always been there, no reason to disable that.

Turn it off across all platforms, for MW3 and Black Ops.


Basically anything that is capturing excess data while playing other than local stats, turn it off.


If not for a full week, just for a few days and see if there is any form of noticeable improvement.


Obviously there will be a placebo effect for some that will cry out "OMG That fixed everything!!!111", but for those of us that see issues in every game, every time we play, we'll be able to see if there has been any actual improvement.


It's not like any of it is working like it's supposed to anyway, so what would be the harm in just turning it off for a few days?


It's just a theory. I personally think the problems are caused by the decision to try and give slower connections a boost to try and "Average" out the room, the bad matchmaking finding hosts based on the average ping and not the fastests/most stable connection and the unnecessary need to switch hosts after every round. But, this little test couldn't hurt.



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    That would be the time in which I get a MOAB.

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    So to turn off Elite do I have to uninstall it?

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    This idea has my support. It will never be done though. Elite is their baby. And paves the way for pay to play for them. Elite is here to stay, theatre is here to stay, lag is (most likely) here to stay.

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    You can already turn theatre off by going to the options menu. As for stats being turned off, I believe these stats have always been tracked by Activision. Think back to Black Ops, those stats covered how many bullets were fired and how many kills everyone had.


    The lag all has to do with is who the host is. A proper host would have business tiered internet with a high download and high upload speed, be close to the internet hub, and would not be throttled by the internet company. Unfortunately, this is not the case as most people have residential internet where speeds and ping are all dependent on usage in a certain area.


    As long as there is not a hosted server, we will all experience this same lag. It will never be perfect nor will it ever be close. People still use DSL to connect to this game!

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      That doesn't turn off theater recording, only for you. even if you have theater turned off, it is still recording your data for 3rd person for anyone else that does have it off. The only way it would work that way, was if every person in the lobby had theirs off.


      Stat tracking has been there yes. But black ops had horrible hit detection/sync issues by itself.


      I'm more referring to lag comp, not lag too.

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    The issue isn't with Elite. If you remember back W@W had the option to track your game stats from the website in a similar fashion to elite and that game played well. Personally I feel that the issue is, in large part, due to Theater. I know that if I turn theater recording on for my account that the lag gets much worse. I could be wrong, but that is the only big glaring change that started in BO that wasn't in any previous COD.

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    This would not do anything. The game doesnt send that data when your playing the game. Stats are not send to elite until the game is over and you are in the lobby. Thats why people dashboard, so their stats dont get sent.