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Lag compensation returns???

I was playing about a week ago, when MW3 was version 1.4 something, doing just fine with gameplay and connection. Thought I was playing pretty well for my standards. I get 8 mb down and barely 0.5 mb up where I live at the moment, and I get into <75 ms ping  games (I still do after this update 1.5). I read somewhere in these forums or in fact saw it somewhere, that Robert Bowling said Lag compensation will be a thing of the past. It was, and now it seems to me it has returned, and is again present just like when the game first game came out, because the gameplay is now poor, and I all of sudden suck at this game. The update is now 1.5.498.12. Either this is a Robert Bowling fail, or people are cheating. I say that because I've recorded some footage, where I'm getting one shotted full health, with an assault rifle.

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    If Robert Bowling ever said "Lag Compensation will be a thing of the past", he definitely flat out lied.  I highly doubt he ever made such a statement.  Lag Compensation is required for you to even have close to a playable online game.  It has been in every COD that has had a multiplayer mode.  What you may be referring to is the tweaking of the lag compensation, but never the removal.  Removing it would make the game 100% unplayable.  Lag Compensation will never be removed from online gaming, because to do so, would mean no more online gaming.

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      No, it's fact he said it. I just don't remember where I saw it. Either it was one of Major Nelson's videos, an ad, or in a video on ign. It's somewhere. When I said, Robert Bowling said "Lag compensation will be a thing of the past." That was a direct quote, I just forgot to put quotes. Thing is I had the same connection in Black Ops, and did not complain once ever. In MW2, I had a much stronger connection than what I have now, and a different mind set at the time. I didn't complain then either. I've read lots and lots about lag compensation on ign, a couple other places. The lag was gone after the first month they updated. There's a lot more to it than people think there is. Frame rates, faster slower connection, ports etc. etc.