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n00b With a View - Part II - The n00b learns...


n00b With a View - Part II - The n00b learns...


I posted back in December when I first started playing online with my initial thoughts on MW3 multiplayer.


Still a n00b but have learned a few things, specifically with Free-For-All - I tend to play this the most as I feel guilty about inflicting my n00bie diablilities in team games.

I have played a bit of TDM, CTF and Domination, but I can't seem to get on with it very well - will have to get a decent headset and a good group of players to get invloved with.


Anyway, back to Free-For-All, the rest of this post is about my experience of FFA.


I've actually managed to win quite a few of these now, and I've also started using the Assault Strike Packages as I can usually get 4 to 5 kill streaks at least twice in most games. My best killstreak so far is 13.


My accuracy is now at 19% (compared with 3% a few months ago), and K/D is creeping up towards 1 - Now on Prestige level 2.


Back in December I asked about campers and FMG9 akimbos.


Campers are annoying, but then we just go to their couchy little spot and take them out after respawning, don't we?.

FMG9 akimbos seem less abundant than a few months ago, I think players are getting bored of them (good), there's still quite a few about, usually a secondary for a sniper in his seawead suit.


Weapons I have yet to get to grips with:


Sniper rifles - can't seem to get the hang of quick-scoping as yet - other players seem to do really well with them though.

Shotguns - not very successful with these either - had a spell with the Striker that was quite good, but kept getting owned by ARs and SMGs. Again, some other players seem to do really well with shotguns.

Machine Pistols - I tend to avoid these as I don't like them - no rational explanation, just don't like them.


Weapons I like:


Assault Rifles:

I have used all of them so far except the FAD - I will get on to this when I next level up far enough.

The AK jumps around alot, but I have had some success with this.

The M16A4 and Type95 are pretty good as far as they go, especially when using rapid fire - I find them best when shooting long range with a decent scope.

The MK14 is only really much good for long-range - it's almost a sniper rifle when using a good scope, but I find the single-fire a little limiting at close quarters.

The rest are pretty much similar in usual play, but I particularly like the SCAR-L and only because of the sound it makes when fired


Sub Machine Guns

Still to have a go with the P90, will get on to this very soon.

The rest all seem pretty similar, with the exception of the PM-9 which doesn't seem quite as effective as the others - don;t know why - perhaps it's me.

My pick of the bunch would be the UMP45, PP90M1 and MP7


Light Machine Guns

Oh my, I do love the loud bangs and firepower of these babies

I've dominated FFA games with the PKP Pecheneg, MK46 and M60E4 on quite a few occasions with the right combination of proficency and perks, which I will share later.



I've yet to explore the mysteries of the Five-Seven and Desert Eagle, but I do love the .44 Magnum. Used akimbo, I have often blown an FMG9 akimbo idiot's head 'Clean off' to quote Clint Eastwood with this, and most satisfying it is to do so. Often getting a text message of 'wtf?' afterwards - hehehe



Quickly: Don't like the SMAW, the Javelin only has one round, the Stinger is great for blasting someone's attack helicopter out of the sky before it has a chance to get going (I find that very satisfying) and the RPG seems a bit random, though I have seen other players use it very effectively, so I guess it's down to practice


Proficiencies + Perks + Weapons:

I can only speak from what I have learned that works in FFA here, and basically it comes down to this:

Overall in FFA, the Sub Machine Gun is king. Bascially for run-and-gunning it gives great mobility balanced with reasonable firepower and accuracy.

The Assault rifles are also good - but better for longer range encounters.

It is also possible to dominate a game with a Light Machine Gun.


My two favorite types of classes run along these lines


1. SMG - Run-And-Gun Silent but Deadly

Primary: Any SMG of your choice

Kick Proficieny

Rapid Fire attachment

Extreme Conditioning Perk 1

Assassin Perk 2

Dead Silence Perk 3


Optionally, if you like keeping the skies clear, then use Blind Eye and Stinger as secondary (I don't need to tell you guys this)

If you are better than me at staying alive, then perhaps Scavenger would better suit as Perk 1

A the moment, I am still in love with the .44 Magnum, so that is my secondary.


I find this setup of quick-and-quiet very effective.


2. LMG - Loud-And-Proud

Primary: M60E4/MK36/PKP Pecheneg


Then there are two ways to go:


Attachements Proficiency

Grip attachment

Rapid Fire attachment

Extreme Conditioning Perk 1

Quick Draw Perk 2

Steady Aim Perk 3



Speed Proficiency

Grip attachment

Extreme Conditioning Perk 1

Quick Draw Perk 2

Steady Aim Perk 3


It's a straight choice between mobility and firepower.

Extreme conditioning allows you to run alot further with the hefty LMG, combined with the Speed proficiency, it gives you a comparable mobility to an Assult Rifle

Quick Draw I think is essential as you will more often than not need to Aim to get kills

Steady Aim is more for close encounters and does increase your chances against a nifty SMG player.


Anyway, this is what I have found to work for me in FREE-FOR-ALL (not in Team Deathmatch, CTF or any other game)


I welcome any comments, and strongly encourage mild abuse, as I find it hilarious

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    batmanCOD here - If you will do some testing, you will find the MP7 rules all others. With Range it's better than the assault rifles. Nothing has better hit fire capabilities. At first the sound turned me off, but I stayed with it, and there is a reason it takes soooo long to get it:) I base all of my gun use around testing the pattern and some stats. The UMP, for me, has a giant lag when I pull the trigger. If you see the fire graphically as |---|---|---|---|---|... I get the ---|---| or the space first, instead of the fire first. That sux. Testing the Assault rifles, I find only the M4 and SCAR have a decent hip fire capability. Regarding quick scoping and shotguns, I think you will find that the most successful players are using wall hacks of some kind, not all however. Some kind of aim assist, even if it's a spitball on the screen center on the crosshair. After a LOT of practice, that need can be reduced. BTW, with Extreme Conditioning, you can run twice as far (or twice as long) with the USA12 and the Skorpion, than with any other weapons. That is helpful in Objective based games. Nothing wrong with camping an area, but sitting in one spot is suicide. Assassin is almost necessary, but I don't use it in the craziest running objective based games... they can't keep up with you anyway, so it doesn't matter as much. If they do, I have a duplicate Class with Assassin instead of Quickdraw. Also, because we play DOM almost exclusively, and I am a flag whore, my K/d sux... but it is a role I have accepted. My W/L rocks though, and a life/spawn is nothing more to me than more ammo If you feel you have to protect your K/D, do your team a favor and don't play DOM. OR get with a balanced group of players that complement each other in that regard. But when the game is on the line, and you are not willing to give up everything and jump flags... you have already lost. We'd be happy for you to play with us any time we have room

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      I totally agree with Batman on this one. The MP7 kicks ass. Hardly any kick at all, so much so that the Kick Prof is a useless waste on the MP7. Definitely use Range if only using one attachment, otherwise I like Attachments using Red Dot w/ Silencer (SoH, Assassin, Dead Silence).


      One thing I will say, I'm not much of a fan of anything but the Specialist Strike Package. This is REALLY helpful if you are in FFA or in TDM where people don't operate as a team (when does THAT happen? /sarcasm). That said, I wouldn't worry too much about joining TDM and feeling guilty that you're possibly dragging your team down. Since this game doesn't actually encourage teamwork, just play it like everyone else does.


      I snipe a lot, and every now and then I get people on my team giving me crap about camping (trying to block my view and stupid asshattery stuff like that), yet I watch them run out and get killed over and over and over again. Often times I have the highest KDR for the game and I've outscored the person giving me crap about my play style. So really, just play whatever you like playing.

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        Why is it, the guys giving advice and trying to run the show are not the ones adding the most? We had one like that the other day. KrAzY DOM match, 6 against 5, and we were the 5 (4 of us +1 green arrow), with this green arrow on our team texting us "we suck" and to "defend", "this is not TDM" and a lot of trash talxt... He even had time to type "Oh my they're taking "C"...so it was basically 4 on 6... so we were down 173 to 197, triple capped and won it 200-199, and his score was 13-24... and then he has the gaul to text "YAY Team" ...I think I went 44-29. It's one of my "Never Give Up" series I'll upload it tonight if possible....

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      I'll do some more playing with the MP7, I knew there was a reason I unlocked it at my last prestige....


      Thanks for the comments

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        there is nothing wroung with a bit of camping and sniyping out

        Best if its a cheater as they start sulking

        As for Guns you will get to feel what is best for you on what map if you like being a sniper you will have a low kill rate if every one is camping

        The MP7 is a good all rounder and you can have a cuple putting a silancer on is cool but you loose the range

        One other problem is the way teams are made having to mess around with steam as you can not use steam at the same time even on a dual screen

        Plus there screen names some times don't match there steam name

        were as on the PS3 its easy

        I'm not in any team but have played with some good teams hoping to get a invite but sadley no

        Just keep battling on

        the best way is to try and get involved in Lan partys were they do network games Now that rocks

        Even gets violant with empty cans of pop flying around