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HotDrinkz - HeadQuarters Pro Clan

Hey guys - It is HD RayFinkle, the leader head-honcho of HotDrinkz. We strictly play HeadQuarters, aside for Clan Operations.


I am currently within top 700 of HQ ranking and 5 members of the clan are within top 1000 of HQ ranking.


We like to win, obviously, but having fun is more what we are about.

- Suck at sniping and want to try and quick scope with us? Go for it, just get on the HQ.

- Want to use a RiotShield and sit in the corner of the HQ? Go for it.

- Want to run around and kill randoms? Go for it, just get on the HQ.

- Want to dominate all competition in the way? Then we are for you.


We use party chat only - unless someone starts talking smack or putting our clan tag on - then we will get in the game chat and talk some smack back. We placed top 700 clans for the first clan ops with only 4 full time members on and playing. We placed gold in the second clan op as well, but ranking is still waiting.


Your K/D does not matter, as long as it is not like .33 or some terrible K/D like that. We play together, we work together, and we have fun together.