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Hackers are back....and now i'm gone

I jumped on mw3 today for the first time in about a week and I wish i hadn't. First two matches of TDM I got into today, atleast 3 out of 5 players were running around with FMG9's akimbo custom and this isn't even the worst. I try to play a game of DOM and it wasnt pretty. there were 2 players from the same clan on the other team and they were just murdering everyone, everytime you spawned its like they knew right where you were and they were both using FMG9 akimbo custom. well another member of their clan joined session and was on my team and starts talking about the new UAV hack they had all just gotten....it puts a red box around you, similar to when using a remote sentry. so basically this is a wall hack along with mini map UAV. Seriously how f*cking pathetic can people be. Then after the game its turns out to be some 10 yr old sounding kid whos balls havent dropped squeaking into his microphone about how good he is for going 93-6. Its a shame that there has to be players that play this cheaply so they can feel good about themselves. This game has gotten so much better since release date but i feel like the players have gotten worse and im just done with it.