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Play dead, good boy!


I've recently noticed a lot of people "feign death" by rapidly switching their weapons when around dead bodies. I think it could work very well if it wasn't for the nametag that shows up and the aim assist. Either way though, It is so funny to see people do this in my opinion because, I watch a lot of movies, and any time somone repeats a line from a movie, or I see something that reminds me of a scene from a movie, it makes me laugh. So people doing this totally reminds me of Behind Enemy Lines, which I've been wanting to see again since I first I saw somone "feign death". Besides, you've got to hand it to people who try to come up with new ways to survive.


This is the first game I've seen anybody use this tactic in, and wouldn't you know it, someone actually got me with it once... ONCE!


Lol props to you if you know that line!


Seriously though, it was on Hard Hat. I was going to pass through the tunnel, and I saw a "dead" body in the way, but that didn't stop me because I know there isn't any clipping with dead bodies. So I try to sprint to the other side of the tunnel, but then I get stuck. Before I can stop running and look down at whats impeding my path I'm dead!


When I watch the kill cam, he's switching between his primary and secondary weapons, which makes the sprite put his arm over his head, giving him the appearance of being dead. Right as I stepped on him, he kills me and runs out of the tunnel. I wasn't even mad when that happened, I was so impressed, and laughing my ass off for being a victim of it, but also because, as I've said, I never seen anyone do it before that moment and I thought it was a very cool strategy.



Has anybody on the forums here used that tactic or been a victim of it like me?

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    I don't have the software or hardware to make a video of what happened, so I apologize in advanced about the "wall of text". I know that can be hard on the eyes

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      I'm still trying to figure out why your name is 9blackguys... and none of the outcomes have been good ones.


      Assassin Pro doesn't let your name show up, and it's a good tactic to use in S&D for ninja defuses and whatnot. Doesn't work as much as it used to, and it's better if you're holding R2 for equipment, so you won't have to keep switching weapons, and won't be at the ready if fired upon.

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        LOL! You're the first person to comment on my name, I'm sure others think its peculiar, but no one up 'till you has mentioned anything!


        I chose it because I thought it was funny. I was looking at a thread of people sharing the "funniest gamertag you ever seen". One of the members said he saw a guy on Halo named: "Like9blackguys". So you could imagine how the kill feed looked when people killed or got killed by him:


        You were killed by: Like9blackguys


        You killed: Like9blackguys


        Get it now?


        Anywho, I don't feign death myself. Although I did try it once, just because I was screwed one way or another, so I had nothing to lose. Needless to say, it didn't work but it was still funny to try it, the guy must've thought "okay he's not here, oh wait there he is! Sneaky bastard" lol

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    I have "played dead" before with Assasin Pro. Did it in a game of Domination once on Lockdown, in the middle near "B." Every time you try to cap that flag on that map there are snipers in the windows almost all of the time it seems. Anyway, a teammate of mine and I were making our way to the flag in a sprint and he got cut down. As soon as he did, I dropped and layed there for a sec to see if I was noticed. I wasn't. Someone did chuck a grenade, but it was a bit far by the time it was obvious someone (I) was still securing the objective. Good times!

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    Happens in HQ all the time with people with assassin pro on. The best is when you do it on some noobs who just shoot the HQ wondering why it won't let them destroy it