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    Wow...I've picked up the model again and it's terrible...I get robbed at close range very often and 90% of the time it takes 3+ shells to get a kill at range...frustrating weapon. A buff for it is majorly needed.

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    For whatever reason, I overlooked the auto shotty's in favor of the pumps.  I only recently decided to try the USAS, and I have been very pleased.  I was able to rank it up quickly, and with Damage it's great fun.  It feels almost as powerful as the pumps in terms of OHK frequency, and I can get the second shot off with no issues if necessary.  Rather than holding the trigger, I use it like a semi-auto and squeeze off one shot at time.  Good times!

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    If you aren't using steady aim as your 3rd tier perk the 1887 is going to suck.  The spread is too large to be lethal without it.

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    Was the Steady Aim spread thing in the older games too? I mean when you have Steady Aim and you aim down sights the spread is the same as you were hip firing without steady aim? I've never heard of it in the older games.

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    I don't know about cod4 but in mw2 ads gave the spas a spread of 4.  And the mw2 1887 had a default spread of 4 so it really didn't matter. 

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    Here is some more fun stuff.  I like this clip because It shows the good hit detection and then the bs all in one smooth clip.  After that hitmarker I went into a private match and checked the range of that shot.  It was 12m.  The spas is a 3 pellet kill out to just over 13 meters.  That means that it would only require 3 pellets to kill the guy I got that hitmarker on.  The shot I put on that guy was close to perfect and he was inside of the 3 pellet kill range.  That guy should have been demolished by that shot.


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    I've had a few of those hitmarkers on corner campers, it's so BS. I've honestly quit using the pump action shotguns, they only bring frustration, I'm just using the Striker now or I'm knifing only now. The knife is much much better than the pump action shotguns, I'm serious, I had about 10.000 kills on my knifing only account. I get more consistant scores on my knifing account too. With the pumps I sometimes do ggreat and sometimes I do complete crap. Knifing is usually good.

    PSN is Lorki7 btw

    and knife only psn is: KnifedByWong

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    Yo Brick2urFace,


    Here's something I wrote somewhere else a while ago, I think it's good info:


    The reason why the Model 1887 sucks is because without damage you need to hit 4 out of 8 pellets to kill at close range, and 5 out of 8 at long range (for the model). With damage however, it becomes virtually the same as the MW2 Model 1887, needing 3 out of 8 pellets at short range, and 4 out of 8 at long range.


    MW3's SPAS-12 however is much worse. It takes 4 out of 8 pellets to kill at close range without damage, and 8 out of 8 to kill at long range. MW2's SPAS-12 without stopping power, took 3 out of 8 at close range, and 5 out of 8 at long range.


    With the damage proficiency, the SPAS-12 takes 3 out of 8 at close range, and and I think 5 or 6 at long range. However, MW2's SPAS-12 with Stopping Power took 2 out of 8 pellets to kill in close range, and 4 out of 8to kill at long range.


    I hope you can see how much the shotguns have been nerfed since MW2 now.

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    plese not theshotgunsare all overpowered as i think only the model 1887 is normal :O

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    Somehow I don't think you've actually played with them.

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