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Not your usual bad teamate rant. (actually in our party)

OMG... Ive had enough of terrible players that have NO common sense in this game. I get on and I party up with 1 buddy and get in to this amazing tdm lobby where Im banging out 25-35 kills and 4 deaths every game. So we play a few games before the lobby breaks and my buddy backs out to pick up this new guy I havent played with. Whatever... so we pick him up and he had a few friends on and we start playing a few tdm's again. Im doing my usual, Im starting off going like 5 or 6 kills before getting killed. Im playing pretty we'll. But then the enemy airsupport starts coming out. Im like what? So I check the scoreboard and these kids are getting smashed. So I asked politely that if your not doing so well can you please take out the heli's that they have stacked up. But of course no of the idiots going negative can be bothered with the task. So whatever I switch to my aa class and start shooting down crap. Now I see that in the process of me taking this stuff out thes same idiots are getting killed even faster. (Probably cause I wasnt there to thin the heard) So we lose and in the lobby I say hey guys can you shoot the stuff thats in the sky if your going negative. It will help the ppl going positive and will help out the team overall. So again we play and the same crap happens. I go positive but yet still get stuck shooting down airsupport while these teamates die at record pace. So now I get pissed and start calling Ppl out. Well that doesnt sit well. Now we have to play who has the bigger CoD pen15. This guy starts telling me how many wins he has. (I obviosly have more) He starts telling me how many loses he has (I obviously have a lot less). He told me that his friend had a higher KD than me. (LOL it was .01 higher but the kid camped and had a neg win loss). Now he wants us to all camp in a group and lock down buildings. Im like seriousl if you cant run around in TDM without strategy to win then you probably shouldnt play this game. But he blamed the two loses on me cause and I quote "You ran around the map to much killing them and that made them spawn every where so I had no idea where the were! Its not my job to shoot sh!t down. I wear a class so no of that see's me." LOL, I didnt know how t respond to that. I guess some ppl just dont get that I was just asking him to shoot down airsupprt cause it sounds alot better than, HEY DUMB F#CK STOP RUNNING THE SAME WAY! ARE YOU THAT DUMB! THE SAME KID HAS KILLED YOU 10 TIMES WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOUR GONNA GET THEM NOW!


The moral of the story is if your having a bad game just slow it down and help your team out by shooting down airsupport.