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Extremely nasty new hack?

    I was in a game and we had two successive host drops, and then immediately after I finished reconnecting to the new host...

_I_ fired off an MOAB - I had no killstreak to speak of, I had no way of doing that, *and* there wasn't even a timer that I noticed.

Naturally, everyone on the server started calling me a hacker. I think I may have been getting supposed kills while I was busy typing and hiding in a corner.

Is there a hack that allows a hacker to steal another player's name in game now? Or just make things show up on the kill-list as another player?

This has got to be the worst hack I've ever seen as it may even impact on the status of an innocent player's account.

Less than 2 minutes later, while I was still futilely trying to protest that these cheating kills had nothing to do with me - another MOAB went off, again in my name.


Whilst it may seem like a good idea to simply tell me that I am the hacker, it's not particularly constructive. I'm also going to be contacting Valve and asking them to look into what could very well be a serious issue.

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    I figured out that MW3 saves all videos, but don't know how to upload one.


    I (the hacker using my name) didn't fire off a second MOAB, it was an EMP.


    Also, the game didn't end after the MOAB, it just killed everyone (except me and presumably whoever had the hack on.)


    Following the MOAB, while I was typing and hiding in the corner, I (the real me) fired at and killed one guy. But I actually saw kills for dozens of people, all headshots, showing up in the kill-log. All in my name, whilst I was not doing anything. It looked like a blatant aimbot, except it was masking itself with my name.

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      You can put any name you want on

      Next time you see this happen open up steam and see who is on

      Then report the whole game and all the users

      One cheat give you all the call signs and tags so they have seen who is playing then just copied you called cloning now this only works when your the host

      leaving the game scuppers them tempore

      The big question is why there doing this

      There is no point as the Novelty has worn off and ther currently trying to upset the Xbox users To avoid cheating go to the dedicated servers section as they have a mod user that can kick cheaters off

      try and get in to clan games there safer as well