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Are You Looking For A Clan?

Hi my name is zReTrO-_ScoPeZz, leader of zReTrO-_ clan. We are a group of mature players. We are more than a clan, we are a brotherhood. We would love for you to join our clan. We are mainly a sniper clan but we are trying to branch out into more catagories. (rushers, trickshotters, etc.) Contact me on psn at zReTrO-_ScoPeZz or our 2nd leader zReTrO-_SwAgZz.

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    Hey, I see your clans recruiting? My clan Amaze Gaming is looking to build quick. Would you clan to switch over to Amaze Gaming? All your members are welcome! We could use you in Amaze Gaming. AG is a clan for all types of gamers. We just started this clan today, although already have members! Joining today could get you a higher position in the clan! So please go to our thread and check our website. Switching over as a founder/leader would provide a higher leadship role.





    * Joining now could set you up for a higher ranked position in the clan. *


    If your not interested please say so, and i'll remove this comment.