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No One Really Wants Gun-on-Gun

This community confuses me. In a game where we cry for gun-on-gun action, less emphasis on killstreaks, when a playlist is given to us that is just that (Barebones) we will not play it. This is something that I will never understand. I love Barebones, it shows who has true gun skill and who doesn't, well Black Ops Barebones did. Someone explain this to me, please. We ask for gun-on-gun, but when it's given we don't play it. Why?

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    The only time I don't play Barebones is when my Clan invites me, and even then I put on Blind Eye and Assassin to minimize the suffering from killstreaks obliterating every inch of ground.


    Barebones is really fun, since there's no worrying about Blind Eye, and Assassin has little use (though I do use it on Dom to surprise the enemy team)

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    This is entirely true and its one of the reasons I say most people on these forums are just talkin out their arse. These people BEGGED for Barebones in Black Ops and MW3 and they dont even play them. They're a waste of space on the forum. Causing more harm than good. Not contributing to the game in any way.