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MW3 PS3 Clan Mafia War Lords Recruiting

Mafia War Lords (MWL) is now recruiting. We are a Fairly new clan looking for new members interested in both friendly and competitive play. Our clan is mostly a TDM clan, but will start playing other game modes when Clan operations are back online. We are looking to recuit premium members as well as founders. We are a highly active clan with most of our members playing everyday/night. We are an easy going friendly clan as well as respectful to our opponents( No racist remarks). K/D is not a big issue with us if u are willing to play and able to play atleast a few nights a week. If interested please message me here or on PSN Gator_Guy86 and i will get back with you ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read this and Good luck with all your gaming experiences. - Mafia War Lords-