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Please Read Infinity Ward



     MW3 Is A Great Game. But everything that can go wrong in a FPS game went wrong. Please try to make these changes.....


Nerf These Guns:

Type 95 - No kick with 1 burst kills

ACR - Insane Accuracy With No Kick and 3-4 Hit Kills

MK14 - Insane Accuracy With No Kick and 1-2 Hit Kills

PP90M1 - PP90+Kick+Rapid Fire = Over Powered.

MP7 - Insane Damage and High Accuracy

USAS - 1 Hit Kills At Insane Range

Striker - Spray Much? Please Take Off Damage On Shottys.

mother of god.... FMG9 - Akimbo Spray = Kills Juggernaut. talk about over powered af...


There is nothing wrong with the LMGs or the Snipers. Although most/all of the snipers get 2 hit kills and never One Hit Kills.


Juiced is border line OverPowered.

Dead Man's Hand is just annoying.

Gamers Worst Nightmare = Final Stand. When you guys were releasing MW3, you said you were going to take off last/final stand. Well that didn't happen.


Also, The Trophy System can block a Predator Missle. It is a proven fact.

Portable Radars are OP and its a tactical equipment.


Please understand what I am saying. 80 out of 100 in a group of gamers I polled on PS3 agreed to this list. Please Infinity Ward, make this change before everyone begins to hate.