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?ooking for a real PS3 clan? SPONSORED & FEATURED competitive clan recruiting

Hi all,

Dan here from CsCgaming.net


Without promising your all the bell's and wistle's

We are a proven competitive gaming clan.

Previously ranked as high as 15th in Team ladders on Gamebattle's

Feature'd by gaming review website Gamewise - http://gamewise.ie/news/2012/02/csc-gaming-interview/

Sponsored by N-Control the maker of the Avenger controller.


We are made up of over 160 members from the US, Canada, Ireland, UK and Europe.

Broken down into team's of 8-10 member's


We have an EU and US training team you guys the basics and see how you find gaming with us.

After 2 week's you'll be assigned a team and be on your way becomming one of the best gamers around!


We dont care what your KD is once you have a mic and are online daily we will be happy to work to make you a better gamer.


So if your looking for a real clan without all the primises and bull join up today!