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Web swinging?

How will swinging mechanics be like in this game? Movement during the swing?

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    I hope it'll be a little more involved than the swinging in SD and EoT.  I liked SD a lot, but it's swinging was kinda boring.  That was fine for that game, since it focused more on other aspects of Spider-Man's powers, being in more closed-off areas.  But for an open-world game like this, making swinging fun is real important, since you'll be doing it a lot.  Something more along the lines of the old Spider-Man 2 movie game's swinging would work, though hopefully updated with a more modern physics engine or something. 

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    I always wondered why the web-swinging from Spider-Man 2, that everyone clearly loved, never made a return. It's as if they went "Hey, do you know how many people love the web-swinging mechanic in this game and think it's simply perfection? Yeah, let's not bring that back again."


    Just bring these 3 things back.


    1. Webs actually attaching to buildings.

    2. Being able to shoot a 2nd web strand while still holding onto the first.

    3. Exhilarating and realistic physics.

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    The web swinging will at least look better in ASM. The way the spider-men have swung in the past 2 games just didn't look right to me. Spidey will look more acrobatic while he swings thanks to all the spins and flips he does now. Apparently the zoomed in camera heightens the excitment but it might become annoying if it's to close and you can't see where you're going. Lastly there is unlimited webbing, a real disappointment for me. It would be really cool if your web snapped if you're going to fast and the tension is too much.

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    I don't know much about the Web Rush ability. But what I have read about it, it sounds really good. And will make web swinging much better. And I agree that the best web swinging ever was in Spider-Man 2. It just added to the experience of being Spider-Man.

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    Web Swnging looks fun. It has been said to cause vertigo.

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    Am I the only one who thought WoS's webslinging was great? No one ever mentions it. It was better than Spider-Man 2's IMO.

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    It was fun.

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    I don´t know how many of you have seen the new Spiderman Trailer #4 but I would be more then happy when the game swinging would look like in the movie. I think they´ve done a real good job in the movie..

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    realy good, i loved it

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