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[ETW] Needs you! New website Recruiting now! PC, PS3, Xbox


Hey guys i recently made a CoD clan It has 11 members already in about the 3hours its been out so If your looking for a new skilled clan join us at ETWgaming.enjin.com also we quickscope, trickshot and just play for fun. I know saying this will not get people but as 99% of the clans we do NOT have the golden tag which i dunno what its evern used for?

So can you all please forget about that golden tag and please join.

We are al in our teens Hoping we get nobody above 30 You know why

So to join just go to http://www.etwgaming.enjin.com

So we are a small friendly clan we are pretty active but not all of us are so We need you guys.

Also in the clan if you are active enough you will be bought FREE Mw3 or Bo Map packs sent into your downloads as a gift.
So to join go on the site above register there then just Go on the clan chat and we will have some fun!

Also our clan really likes to do Zombies and MW3 muilty we find it really enjoyable.

So can you please consider it and cya there