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anyone have a ps3 clan?

hey everyone im MisterXaXis_98 and im from england. i play mw3 alot.im 13 and have a mic. i play to have fun and have a laugh,but i like to win. i would like to join a clan that plays quite regurlary and is not to big. if i joined someones clan i would like to play lots with them on any game type:) so if anyone has one please reply!:-)

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    If your looking for a clan, CTG [Carbon Tactics Gaming] is recruiting as we just started up

    and broke away from a previous clan to make our own. We have both ps3 and xbox360 sides and

    are gearing up for more FPS groups to expand upon.



    Here at Carbon Tactics gaming we focus strongly on team play. We are looking for members

    who are mature (no raging over the mic to opponents), who are willing to attempt to work

    together as a team and who are looking to join a clan who wants to build more than just

    your gaming skills, we want to build friendships amongst people across the world. We have

    public forums dedicated to our clan as well as a general forum section for gaming in

    general. Always active! Currently we are just getting off the ground and are looking to  build our membership, we have a few requirements:



    - Age Limit: 14yrs old and on up in age.

    - Continent: Will take players from all over the Globe

    - Times we play: all hours of the day/night

    - Microphone: Not required to join, but it can help

    - Stat Requirements: None just enjoy yourself

    - Preferred Game Mode: Any

    - Who referred you: [BigDirt7]

    - Clan website: http://www.carbontacticsgaming.com

    - Great advancement opportunities

    - Inter clan battles and competitions.

    - Gamebattles



    We are very active clan, everyday!


    Just goto website and fill out an application!

    Questions message me on xbox or our website at BigDirt7