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Is there a divide forming in the Call of Duty community?


Over the past couple of months I have been hearing lots different views from people regarding different COD titles. I have heard lots of people saying they dislike Black Ops and lots who love it, while there are lots who love the Modern Warfare franchise and those that hate it.


For me my first COD game was Black Ops and I really enjoy playing it.


I then became curious about the franchise and played MW2 which, although I didnt enjoy as much as Black Ops I did still enjoy it.


However I feel that the Black Ops engine felt more balanced and made for more exciting gameplay overall and thats why I am looking forward to the next Treyarch title.


So my question is - given my example, do you feel that there is a divide in the community whereby people are die hard fans of Treyarch and die hard fans of Infinity Ward?


If so which one do you prefer and what made you prefer that?

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    I'm not sure why Black Ops had so much hate. I never had many problems with lag and I loved how the game functioned. The only thing I would change about BO was the how the Strike packages worked. Most of my deaths in BO were from running out of ammo, so the specialist would have been nice. And my K/D in MW3 is spurred by the repeating killstreaks which in BO ended 11 kills, so after that you didn't have much to look forward too

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    Yes, there blatantly is.



    My first game was Black Ops, I've now played all of the Modern Warfares and W@W aswell... there is definitely a difference when Treyarch is making the game.

    It depends, in my opinion Black Ops is more of an artistic take on warfare... whereas IW tends to focus on the grittiness... Hard to explain but take for instance... Nuke Town - bright, colourful and arty... then you have bootleg... gritty and more atmospheric.

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    Yes, to the first question even though this is a relatively recent phenomenon. I like Treyarch style in there games. Yes, they seemed more balanced but last stand was pretty cheap, especially the fact that you could get "revived". I played with a buddy that would constantly come on the mic: "hey man, revive me! Revive me!!!" As you can imagine, that was irritating as hell to a person that never used the perk and died many times "reviving" teammates. I know this may enrage some people but I just found the gun's more balanced in Treyarch games. Yes you had the famas BUT you also had the Galil,ak74u, ak47, commando, stoner, m16 etc. That's far more weapons to choose from than in MW3 where a select few are being used (i.e. MP7 & ACR). I still enjoy playing MW3 but it seems like they are having trouble fine tuning there MP to tone down lag, stutters, freezes and the dreadful "1 second behind" trash. Treyach fixed there problems within a few months of launch. It just seems like IW and the others involved were just overwhelmed with what they were trying to accomplish. Great ideas but so far, bad execution.

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    There has always been a divide since the start, IW or 3arc, personally I prefer IW, but Black Ops was ok


    To get a true perspective you need to play COD4, that's still the best imo, not the most sophisticated but a really solid game, as long as you stay away from guys using hacks.

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    The pre CoD 4 titles didn't stand out, I played MoH mostly.


    CoD 4 - It was alright... major problems included Martydom, Juggernaught. quick scoping, no host migration... lack of guns and no pro perks. Maps were nice, not the best.

    WaW - Some of the best maps, the gameplay was stale and boring though, it used tanks which failed... good things it did was to get rid of quick scoping.


    MW2 - The greatest online FPS ever created, a masterpiece that will be remembered for changing the gaming world forever. Best maps, best guns, best perks, best killstreaks.


    Black Ops - The worst CoD in the series, terrible perks, terrible guns, weak damage, slow paced, black bird + dogs ruined many matches.


    MW3 - Bland maps, stale gameplay, deathstreaks are a major problem, clutter, random explosives.

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      I thought BO had a great way of balancing everything out so that the only real factor in winning was actually being the better player. In MW3 you don't have to be good to succeed

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        Oh I completely agree, the CoD's before MW3 counted on you being a better player.


        They need to remove point streaks and revert back to killstreaks... you don't get "Points" for shooting down UAV's or sitting on a flag... you shouldn't be able to have the ability to not have your killstreak reset upon you being killed... deathstreaks need to be removed, extended mags + rapid fire needs to be made so you can't use both, the quick scoping glitch needs to be removed, the heartbeat sensor needs to go!


        In MW3, if you rush rush rush with no skill what so ever, you can win. It's completely a stupid concept. I've had to heavily alter my gamestyle in MW3, I used to sit at the back of maps or in buildings with an LMG or an AR (e.g. FAL/M14) and kill people that way, now all I use most of the time is a shotgun.


        To MW3's credit, they removed the replenish of stuns and flash bangs thankfully.