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Can't play any clan opps

Our clan cannot even see any clan opps let alone try to enlist in one, any word on when clan opps for Xbox 360 will be up and running?

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    Welcome to the club!!!  They had so many issues with the first 3 clan operations they have suspended them for now.  Last I heard they would be back up and running "soon" whatever that means.  To some "soon" would mean this weekend.  To me, my guess is last weekend of March or first part of April.


    Since it is Wednesday and there is no clan operations posted on the compete section of elite you can probably count out this weekend as well.


    Maybe someone else has a more recent update.


    I am starting to scale back my play along with most of my friends in our clan because the game is starting to get old.  Nothing to play for until Clan Operations starts back up.

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    Hello NLBigRob,


    Unfortunately I don't have any other information other than the link to the Beachhead Studio tweet below.