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XBox 360 domination clan - elite

Hi all


I've just been kicked out of my clan because it appears that the clan founder no longer wanted to manage a clan.  I am mostly frustrated because I busted my balls playing clan matches in the middle of the night for the XP ( seriously Activision...there are people in different timezones! )


Anyway, after trawling these forums I've come to the conclusion that there doesn't seem to be many clans that I would be interested in joining.  This means that I am very unique...maybe...but what I feel is the case is that lots of people like me want to be in a clan but don't find the time or effort to set one up?




I've decided to start my own clan (even though I've lost my previous clan points plus my elite founder XP bonus grrrrrr) and I think that there are a number of things I would like my team to do.

- Must have mics...you cannot play in a team if you don't talk to each other

- must be Elite...otherwise your XP counts for nothing

- must be prepared to compete in some of the clan ops

- must try and participate in other online MW3 games (practice)

- cannot take things to seriously....it is a game

- needs to be UK based

- must be over 25....mostly because I'm tired of getting whipped by 9 year olds but also because I have a different style of play I think

- must be prepared to play the game to win...it's not KD or even XP...we are a team

- must be prepared to email before matches so we know who will be competing so that we can organise groups...which sounds a little serious but it's just common sense!


If you are interested let me know.  I do not want to fill the 100 slots as I'm looking for a small but managable clan, perhaps 30 members max. Seriously though, I may end up the only member....but at least I'm doing it my way :-)


For anyone who is interested, my KD ratio sucks, I average about 0.9 (I blame the kids for using my account at the weekend ;-) ) but I'm a great team player (hence the KD ratio),  I mostly play dom, KK and dropzone on most maps and preferably in hardcore mode.


Interested?  The clan is called WeAreWarriors...drop by....