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Clan Exension on the rise.


Hey guy's I am the leader of Exension (a word i made up a long time ago) it combines Exesion which means to eat through and Ascension- To rise. Pretty legit aye?


anyway we need FOUNDERS obviously because of clan operations (whenever they decide to allow us the one thing everyone paid for)


Currently we have 39 members 12 founders and 12 premiums so 24 premiums all together. I am only looking for Founders with their Clan XP boost.


We are a level 7 clan (not all of our founders had their boost when I invited them) and I will be signing up for EVERY SINGLE clan op offered when they are back.


We play everything and with this many people we usually have a great group of guys to play with nightly and on weekends.


I am only looking for 5-10 founders with Elite then im going to see how everything goes, see who leaves the clan, who I kick out, who sucks so bad they only hurt us hahaha, I want to have a nice round figure of about 30-40 premium members.


We are a fun clan, not too serious but we expect to win or we do get angry. Besides that we shoot the sh!t while playing as long as we are winning.


One of our members is making a website he tells me, so that's another cool thing we will have coming.


Just for some useless knowledge about me - I have been a clan/guild leader in UT2k4 Semi-pro status, WoW 200 level 60's (when that was the max) also had clans in COunter Strike, Black Ops and more games... I became a clan leader because mostly every clan leader is either a power hungry nerd with no social skills and takes his power of a clan leader WAY too seriously.... Or they don't do enough.... I like to think I do eough without adding a bunch of BS between the lines.


Get at me.