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What new wager match type game modes did you think of?


Here's a couple of game modes I can think of (They do not add towards your stats, nor do they reward XP).


1. Gun Streak - A Free For All based gametype, with custom classes.  Secondaries, Equipment, and Launchers are disabled.  If you kill an opponent, you automatically wield your opponent's weapon.  The longer your killstreak, the bigger your point multiplier will be, until death resets it.


2. The Harder they Fall - A Free For All based gametype, with custom classes.  Every death you receive, increases your total health more and more.  Stronger players, who kill weaker players, earn some points.  However, more points are earned, If weaker players kill stronger opponents.


3. Man with the Golden Gun - A random golden handgun spawns on the map.  Players who aquire this weapon, will earn the most points for each kill with it.  Some points are also earned, for each time they kill the weapon carrier.  The weapon itself has a bullet storage cap of 1 round, which means each reload will add only 1 bullet to the weapon.  However, each bullet kills instantly.


4. Cage Match - 1v1 custom match FFA on very small maps.




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    I was thinking... why do these always have to do with killing other players? I thought it would be kind of cool to come up with some that don't necessarily involve killing other players, but still involve in competing against them. This is the first one I've come up with so far:


    The Firing Range -

    Goal : This is a 1v1 contest. Instead of trying to kill each other, 2 players run identical firing ranges (Think "The Pit" style), competing for the best score. Score is determined by Accuracy and Time. The higher your accuracy and the faster you finish, the better your score.


    A faster time isn't necessarily a  guaranteed win. A player who has 100% accuracy through the course, but takes slightly longer could potentially win. The key would be to find a nice mix between accuracy and time.


    Advanced Modes could be purely time-related, and leave out Accuracy as a means of score. This game mode would be great because "lag" really isn't a factor at all since you're essentially competing against the clock.

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    Flag Defender - Free for All style Team Defender. Everybody is fighting to get kills while holding the flag. Points are received for kills while carrying the flag, killing the flag carrier, and capturing the flag. Flag carrier always shows up on the radar.

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    "The Harder They Fall" sounds great. But one suggestion. Add a shop to where you can buy things. Not as mw3 where you have to travel to a different location and buy biggers gun as the health increases. Ex. You go in and you play for a few and the highest persons health( which i will get to in a minute) is lets say 250hp. You have lets say perhaps (black ops guns) a mp5k. That isn't working. So you want a different gun to help kill the guy with the 250hp. You click the buffer buttons to scroll through the menus and buy a lmg for lets say 400 pts. But, also, you can customize and buy perks along with these weapons such as lightweight, ninja, scavenger, etc. Player health: 15;00 Mins. pistol to start. You are killed by a random person. Ok. I say the typical heath increase should be about 50. Now if you get lucky on occasion, you can increase 100 hp. But only very rarely. Thanks.