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Ultimate Challenge 2.0 (Coming Soon)


You heard right folks, I've been getting large amounts of PMs asking me if this would be coming back, and it's getting to be that time of the year. The time of year when our current Call of Duty starts to get so dang repetitive it almost makes you feel like crying. But rest assured I am here to break that feeling and try to milk out the last entertainment from this game. It's not that time yet, but when it comes I'll be ready to put you guys on my shoulders and carry you into the next Call of Duty title.


If you're new here and you haven't heard of it, then shame on you. This is where me and four others make a lobby and we take on whacky challenges and try to have some fun when the game starts to die out. My one warning to possible prospects is that your KDR will drop. These also aren't challenges like get 20 MOABs in one game or get 1,000 kills in one game, these are challenges where you put yourself in poor circumstances and need to use your skill to come out victorious or accomplish the goal. 


I do have ideas, but I am also looking for some ideas myself, and that is where YOU come in. I need you guys to come up with some creative ideas to challenge me and other participants. I also want these to be POSSIBLE, don't be that guy who challenges us to win a game of  SnD without getting a kill. Not gonna happen.


So I need your ideas and any new volunteers, if you did this last year, you probably remember our main challenge, and I'd love to try that on MW3, but even that was too easy. I have ideas, but the more the merrier. Don't be shy to respond I won't bite, and see you all soon! :D

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