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So I've noticed alot of people hate lone wolf operations/claim never to buy COD ever again, want their money back etc etc... I can understand the frustration at the lack of communicaiton by activision/beachhead etc, and the frustration at boosters..


or people who always win operations, accused of boosting.


Maybe more can be done to make the leaderboards a little more transparent for people who participate or are curious about the winners of these events.... How about on something like the events for most kills on TDM, rather than showing JUST the total number of kills, we get to see information such as, how many games were played/average kills per game, best weapon, best killstreak etc..


infact maybe it could go further, and something like when you can search recent games on a player/yourself, the 'victim' with the highest number of kills for/against is shown.... and might give an indication as to weather the player kept killing the same person 75% of the time, or if it was just one really good game that put their stats over the top.


I mean, personally, on my first event, i thought i did pretty well: I averaged 25-30+ kills and ranked 117th or something, and the winner got almost 50% MORE kills than me... I know im not the best player but they seem like amazing numbers to get 40kills a game, and get over 800 in a 3 hour comp..i suppose alot of people cant get their head around how good these top players are, and i think a little more transparency, a few extra stats and info on the top ranking players in these comps would go a long way in easing some of the frustration towards Elite.


    That TDM Lone Wolf Op was rigid from the start. How? If you join a lobby and it's not full you can invite people in and they don't have to be on your team.




    Joe, Bob, Sam, Mat, Lou, Roy all join a lobby. Since they're a group of 6 they're not going to get thrown into a game, they typically start their own lobby. While in an empty lobby they can send out invites to, Jon, Wes, Tye, Rob, Mac, and Pip. They join and now you have a full lobby of 12 that can boost to get insane scores.


    Not only will Joe get 40 kills but the matches will end quickly so they can play 2-3 matches in the time it takes a normal lobby to complete one


      yep exactly thats why i think it would be better for everyone to be able to see how (in some way) player x got all his kills... did he kill the same 6 people game after game? in that way, people who look for boosters can look further into it, was it just 6 randoms, or do they normally play games together, are friends etc...not just for the mods, but for the rest of us to look at the winner and say, well look he killed over 100 different people in all the games he played, hes a worthy winner... compared to someone who killed the same 6 people in all games played in that 3 hour period


    those exta kills r from higher powered killstreaks and team communications(people invite ppl they really know


      i get that, it was kinda funny how i would get 30 kills and not even able to use all my killstreaks because the game would end (due to 7500 points) so onto the next game, same thing. the guy who won must play with dud teammates who dont get many kills