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"Fearless Mercenaries" Is Recruiting ! Founders/Premium  Xbox 360 ! Level 20 Clan! Almost Level 21! Also Going To Recruit 50 NON PREMIUM {FM} IS LOOKING TO RECRUIT YOU . GOLD TAGS! 4 Members! We mostly play kill confirmed , But Play anything for clan ops.



We are a clan/team that started in 2008 and we are looking to recruit only founders as we near are max people we can have in the clan and hope to eventually take it to a pro level and continue being one of the biggest clans/team. So please join up with us so we can make this clan grow. We are looking for founders we are recruiting all types of members regardless of your Kill/Death Ratio Spread or accuracy. We would at most see a .50 kill death spread. We do not use it against you and we will still recruit you no matter what your rank or level you are at.


Looking For Mature Active Players!

Are Main Game Type Is Kill Confirmed Will Play Others For Clan Ops!

Fearless Mercenaries is Recruiting Mature Players!

Only Recruiting Premium Members!

Do You Have what it Takes To Be Elite!


If Your Interrested In Joining please leave us a post with your gamertag and we will send you a invite ASAP


Thank you,

Clan / Team Leader

GT: Killn The Drama
Click My Gamertag and

it will take you to my

xboxlive profile