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New MW3 clan !! The Raging TryHards !! Need founders !! Only one requirement to join !! Ages 14+ !!

New MW3 clan !



Clan name:

Raging TryHards


Current clan level:

2 (Need founders!)


Requirement to join:

Must be at least 1st prestige. Only ages 14+.


System: xbox 360


Time Active: Personally, i'm in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) and i'm online at random during the day. Depends on what I have going on, but usually you can find me on and off between 3:00 and 12:00pm. It's nota big deal if your time-zone is different.


Clan Description:

Just a chill and laid back clan. Once clan operations come out, we'll sign up for those quite often. Main game mode that I play is S&D, so it'd be sweet if we could get a clan lobby going to play that game-type. I'd like to keep it a mature-ish clan.. Don't want any 12 year olds screaming about quickscoping.. lol. There aren't really any rules other than to just be respectful. Zero tolerance for fighting within the clan, and if the instigator is obvious, you'll be kicked.

If you have any questions, PM me!

GT:    x R O O K S x


Quick info about me:

Name: Jesse

Age: 17

GT: x R O O K S x

Current Prestige: Prestige 4, level 62

Favorite Game-Type: S&D

Top 5 Guns: MK14, MSR, ACR, PP90, Striker





-No.. I am not going to pay you to give me your founder xp boost.. Only join if you want to join. lolol.