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    Wtf? Why did all of my Replies to others posts go all the way to the bottom of my thread? Now none of them make sense... Worthless.

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    On a second note, though... I'm very suprised at the amount of responses (Well thought and spelled was probably the most surprising for some of these) since when I posted this thread, there wasn't a single reply the entire night.


    After a rough weekend of moving to a new house and coming back to 40+ replies, I'm happy to see all of your debates largely negative towards the glitches that were very apparent in this game, and the attitude to have them removed ASAP.


    What saddens me is this - Almost no one debated why the Prestige Token Glitch was frowned upon by the vast majority of CoD gamers. Anyone could do it, and I'm happy to see so many legit gamers, but what I see is a poorly made video game that is there to have fun with. It wasn't a cheat, a hack, or anything that someone else couldn't grasp and do themselves, yet everyone hates those who did it. Just curious as to why...


    Your reply?

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    rankismet wrote:



    My motto:


    Every weapon is valid. Anything that kills them and not you is smart.


    You're far too intelligent for this game. You need to go develop rockets with NASA. I do wish you the best of luck.

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    r8edtripx wrote:


    Yeah, If there's something that's exploitable in the game, then I think it should be up to the developer to fix it ASAP and not waste any time banning people that have taken advantage.


    In the United States, if there's an exploit aka loophole in a tax law, and people are taking advantage of it, the IRS shouldn't (and doesn't) fine these people, or throw them in jail. It's up to the people making the tax laws to close/fix the loopholes.

    The developers just need to fix the exploits. It's as simple as that.

    And by this reasoning, no one should be banned/reset for the glitch/exploit, being that it was the Devs fault in the first place, and took them months to patch it, correct?

    I totally 100% agree with you.

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    Not to mention that it's impossible to tell exactly who "took advantage" of it really, so a lot of people end up banned/reset unfairly when they didn't even realize it was a glitch.

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