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OutCast Gaming Recruiting (PS3)

OutCast Gaming

Recruiting (PS3)


Outcast Gamers was made to capture the true talent of the underdogs. For people who don't get recognized for how good they are

We're a clan of 13 (officially 13. We have more people who said they are joining and have been sent clan invites) looking to get more people to join.

We will participate in Clan Operations

We will participate in gamebattles

Anyone looking to dominate online or play for fun should join

We are a worlwide clan for Xbox360 and PS3


The plan:

We know that not everyone plays the same. In that case, we will start divisions when the clan gets bigger. Examples-----Snipers, hardcore gamemode players, serious players, and just for fun players, They will be splitten up by your own choices, No-one will decide for you for only you know best.



Gamemodes we will play:


Search and Destroy


Team Deathmatch

Kill Confirmed

Capture the Flag


(These are just the main ones we will play. We will play all at one point)



1.30+ K/D

Working mic





Able to have Fun



-You should notice a Rise in all your leaderboard stats,

-Learn how to properley game competitivley,

-Get well needed expirence with skilled COD players,

-Make friends, enjoy yourself, and have fun.


Info about me

M.O.A.B. count = 14

1.9 K/D

Participated in Gamebattles and im ranked 9,000 in the world

Strategic gameplayer


How to join

My psn is xSMx-ReFleX. Message me online or reply on here to join

If you have any questions feel free to ask