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Why on earth is DEMOLITION soooo difficult for these bozos?!!???


Is it me or am I always in a lobby full of dummies when playing Demolition?!


Its pretty simple really: two bombs, plant or defend... right?!??? Or am I mistaken?!!


I mean, to help out, theres even a square thing at the top left of the screen called a RADAR which actually shows the two bombs(or is this just in my "special edition" game????)


For crying out loud Activision, whatever I did in a former life, forgive me and take pity. All I ask for is a teammate or two with just a little bit of sense (not too much, just a little - don't wanna push it)


Can someone please tell me; why o why does nobody (and I mean NOBODY!) have a clue when it comes to DEMOLITION????


What?! Did these guys get lost when looking for Infection or summink?!




Raging since last week...