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xXFLYSQUADXx Recruiting NOW - Limited Spaces - Apply Now

Hi COD Fans,


Looking for a clan? Sick of Playing on your own? Current Clan a let down?


Apply to join FlySquad today and become a part of something special.


We can offer you the following:


* International Clan US/UK/CAN/GER/IRL members

* 30+ Members - Level 10 Clan

* Multi Gold Winning Clan Ops

* Clan Website and YouTube Channel to show off your skills

* 50+ Winning Streaks

* 10 Members over 10th Prestige (lowest 3rd Prestige)


What we ask:


* KD 1.3+

* No Rage Quiters

* No Campers

* Mic Preferred.


Come and play a few games with us - you wont regret it.


Apply Below it takes 2 minutes - What have you got to lose?




Nice One!




(Fly or Die)