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Black Ops Freezing Issue

Hello, as stated in my thread name, I have a freezing issue with Black Ops. I used to play Black Ops a lot, before Modern Warfare 3 came out, but one day, I tried to get on, but all I got was a black screen as soon as I tried loading the game from the dashboard. I left it there for, at minimum, an hour and a half before coming back to see if it had loaded, but it was still at the black screen. I decided to give up and not play it anymore, but now I recently felt the desire to play it. I put the disc in and the same thing happened. My disc isn't scratched or anything, it's perfectly fine. My DVD drive and XBOX are perfectly fine, also. But something strange happened, I had my brother try signing in on his XBOX Live profile, and the game came up just fine and he was able to play it with no problem. But as soon as I signed into my profile, the game froze again. The music stops in the background, as usual with a freeze. When I had my brother get on, he downloaded the newest patch and was still able to play, but I wasn't. Any help would be much appreciated.