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Come join the ps3 clan RaPid DeaTh!

We are a group of teammates who like to play together and are looking for good players!  We mainly play domination and like to spawn trap.  We mainly use reg guns but at moments we might play with snipers or shotguns to have a little fun.  Also im making a new idea called moab mondays where we all help each other get a moab. ( for more information read the description below.).  We enjoy working together and we don't care what your KD or your W/L is.


Moab mondays: what this is, is we will have 5 of our teammates ( or how many ever we can get into our lobby ) to use support and 1 of our teammates will be spawn trapping, and the other 5 will hold down A and B or B and C.  The killstreaks we will use on support is UAV, Anti UAV ( one teammate will use ballistic vests), and advanced UAVs.  You can use any weapon or class of your choice, but you will not necessarily get picked to spawn trap if you get picked to use support you will have to use what we ask of you or you will be kicked from the clan.  We continously trade off so everyone gets a turn, but we can't guarantee it will always work so you have to work with us.


We also play mw2 and black ops.  We try to trickshot and quickscope in those games mainly and in black ops we just play demolition.  You don't need to have thes games, but if you do we will be playing a little on them.  We do like to go to earlier CODs sometimes and just do some fun things that the new MW3 game doesn't have, and we will be going for nukes in mW2 as well.  We already have 3 members who have wanted to join and now were looking for more.  We may even start to record our gameplay and maybe put it on youtube.


If you want to join send a friend request to my PSN: randyjknkmr or just comment below telling me you GT on PSN.


We promise to work well together so you can have the best team you can have but you have to be a little patient until we get more members and then we will work good and hard together.