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Lag Compensation - Activision Truth

We All Know Since The Last Update For Lag Compensation, Many Gamers Experiencing Delays In Gameplay With Hit Markers Not Registering On Their Enemies When Firing Is A Serious Issue. But rather than focusing on the issue itself and how or if they'll fix this. The Majority would say that it's to level the playing field to make it even for everyone's connectivity. (Sure, Activision will say that that's the main reason.) However, let's remember that Infinity Ward/Activision is a "Mulit-Million-Dollar" Company. So through the eyes of Developers and Creators like Robert Bowling. To Understand What's Really Behind This Lag You Have To Put yourself in the shoes of Infinity Ward and Robert Bowling.


Let's Begin Shall We?


Okay, Wheather You're Game Skill is What Is Commonly Known As "BEAST" or The Complete Opposite ("SCRUB/NOOB"). You Have To understand as the creator what your customer's reviews are of your product (MW3). Overall, It's Likely That There Are "WAY MORE SCRUBS/NOOBS" than there are "BEAST PLAYERS." So Why Put The LAG COMPENSATION and Say, "It's To Level The Connectivity and Playing Field For Everyone To Have A Fair Chance In Every Game You Enter." Okay? That makes sense. But Is This Really Really Really why you're doing this idea of LAG Compensation? Because You Care So Much About Everyone's Take On Your Product? Or Maybe It's Something Called "MORE CUSTOMERS/$$$$?" If You're Saying That LAG COMPENSATION is made to make things even then why are people complaing about your product according to Delays and Unregistered Hit Markers? Why are gamers from all consoles (Wii/XBOX/PS3/PC) are even on these forums downgrading your product's lag connections?


The Answer is:


Because As The Creator. You Don't Giva Crap as long as your customer's can't get their money back on a product (MW3) you Cleverly Got Them To Pre-Order Months Before It's Release. BUT BACK TO THE BEAST/SCRUBS/NOOBS Topic. One Thing is to say to "make the playing field even" and another is to "GET COMPLAINTS ON YOUR FORUMS ABOUT THIS LAG COMPENSATION." That Being Said, HIGH SPEED INTERNET Gamers who bust and labor their @$$es Off at work to earn money To Purchase Better Routers For Your Future Products Are Likely Players Whose Shooter Skill Levels are "BEAST". I mean, If That Wasn't The Case, why would a SCRUB or NOOB bother busting @$$ at work to make money to purchase HIGH SPEED INTERNET or FASTER ROUTERS for a game they're not skilled at? Where's the fun in that? IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF TIME FOR THEM IF THAT WERE THE CASE. It's Unlikely That A Scrub or Noob would even bother trying that theory which is why Iike I pointed Out. There Are "WAY MORE SCRUBS/NOOBS than there are "BEASTS" in Call Of Duty Games.




You want to rack up more gamers to buy your product. NOT DRAW THEM AWAY. So What Do You Do To Satisfy they're Crappy Scrub/Noob Skill Needs? You Give Them A LAG COMPENSATION ADVANTAGE by Penalizing "BEAST PLAYERS or Just Decent Skilled Players with HIGH SPEED CONNECTIVITY/ROUTERS therefore giving Poor Interenet/Dial-Up Scrubs (who probably don't even know what LAG COMPENSATION is) the 1 to 2 second Jump when pulling the trigger on the enemy.


It's Sad To Say But...


I Don't Think It Get Anymore Clearer Than That. Activision wouldn't want a buying customer with scrub level skill getting owned by BEAST Players Online Only To Have Them being convinced to NEVER BUYING A CALL OF DUTY GAME AGAIN.



And If Your Someone claiming that this post BULL or replying with Comments Like, "MAYBE JUST SUCK AT THIS GAME" or "THE LAG ISN'T THAT BAD"....Then You know what? "YOU'RE ONE OF THE SCRUBS/NOOBS WITH THE CRAPPY DIAL-UP/CRAP INTERNET Who Has The LAG Jump Over Many Gamers Out There Who Are Experiencing LAG ISSUES." Sure maybe your gonna post up your router numbers/statistics and say that you have High Speed Internet and MW3 is Fine.


But On Behalf of the many out there who know what im talking about.


This LAG COMPENSATION is really really Unfair and sad to swallow down and accept. CALL OF DUTY is The Most Competitive Shooter Game of All Time and It Just Really Really Really Bums Many of Us Out There that whatever deserving BEAST Reputation We had in past COD GAMES OVER THERE YEARS has vanished in a matter of month by being Penalized with LAG COMPENSTATION just because there are more gamers out there with Below Average Skill getting rewarded with this 1 to 2 second jump. I don't know what to think about anymore of this guys but i wouldn't be writing all of this if more than half of what i said wasn't true. There's video proof on youtube by many gamers out there who claim LAG COMPENSATION by Activision is Killing them and i don't blame them.


What Do You guys think? Give An Honest Opinion About This.

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    I want it gone myself. I end up not playing for a week at a time because I get so mad the lag.

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    Nice wall of text dude!! sorry can't read it as its sooo painful to my eyes. Try hitting return twice after each paragraph

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      lagsufferer wrote:


      Nice wall of text dude!! sorry can't read it as its sooo painful to my eyes. Try hitting return twice after each paragraph

      hahaha thx for the advice. It's my first post on a forum on here but i'll make sure that next time bro.

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        welcome dude and thanks for editing. I can read it now!


        I agree with some points. But I have 2 homes 1 in the city with a superfast isp and 1 in the country with a slow ass connection, and I suffer lag on both. I have never got the reported "godmode" due to the slow connecton neither have I on the fast connection, but both lag terribly.


        After 4 months and trying everything to fix it or make it playable I believe it is due to the matchmaking as I can be on the same team as people 1000;s of miles away and thats when it lags the most. They should have local matchmaking. Or bring back mw2 matchmaking system as never had a problem with that game.

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    I will refuse any COD until its rebuilt from the ground up

    When the sacked duo brimg their game COD is toast ,

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    i agree that lag comp needs to go. it has ruined the game to the point where its unplayable. i got mad yesterday a pissed off the support people on live chat for COD but pretty much they just said sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I agree with you 100% bro not only the lag but what about the whole thing If you go early and buy our game and register by this date and if you buy the hardened edition we will give you this, that and the other thing. This was a reward for being loyal customers or so they said. Then they changed the dates to register and then changed them again and again. Then this lag comp thing which is so wrong like you said I work hard and pay extra for better Internet only to have them take it away from me and give it to some one else to compensate for my hard work. Why can't I connect to a local host any more?


    I know they are in California but even out there they should know this is wrong. Now they have given away founders points to NON-FOUNDERS   YES ELITE members now get 500 FOUNDERS POINTS I am not going to tell you how to get them do your own work!! What kind of crap is that. I follow the rules and do what they asked of me to be a founder then they piss on my head and tell me it's raining.  SO TELL ME IS OBAMA RUNNING THIS COMPANY!!! liberals You work hard and follow the rules to get ahead and then some liberal says let's take it from the hard work fool who followed the rules and give it to the ones that did not.

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    This is exactly how i feel. I quit the game a while ago due to this lag compensation. Tried tweeting Mr. Bowling and Infinity Ward without any reply from any of them. Bowling seems to be busy replying to hatetweets, and tweeting about where hes going on vacation (like anyone gives a sh*t) and IW just dont reply .

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    u explained it well lol...rly...to even it out..therefore restricting skill so the bad players can have fun...

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    God I love you OP.