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New playlist Free-for-all flags (Suggestion)

Hey guys and girls, I've been thinking of putting a suggestion forward for ages. It'll put up a new challenge in the game.

To get the standards for what this gametype would include.

It would be like, Domination and Team Defender.

Alright, Here goes what I think it should be.

Alright, you have 8/7 flags, for 8/7 people in the FFA game. These flags are right in front of you when you first spawn at the start of the game.

To Capture the Flag, all you need to do is activate a beacon or flag like domination.

The beacon's/flag's give of 5 points every 3 seconds to the player controlling the beacon/flag. When ever someone is to enter in to your beacon/flag area, you will get double the xp or know as Defender, if you kill the flag defender you'll also get double the xp or known as Offence.

Now, Since the max time limit of FFA is 10 minutes, there won't be a time limit, but if no one has capped a flag, a 5 minute count down will come into place, if no one continues to capture 1 flag in 30 seconds it'll half, and so on etc until 1 is captured.

Now this might attract boosters to the game.

At the end of the game, you'll have to reach 100 points to win.

There is no limit on kills, you just need to steal others beacon's/flags in order to get more Xp than any of the oposition.

This playlist option shall be called, Solo Flag Defender etc (Help me make up a name for it)


Another Suggestion I might add.

When you spawn, you don't have to capture, it'll be yours to have, don't need to bother about capturing it and can go and go and capture someone elses flag. But this will take out the rule about: If no one has captured a beacon/flag, the timer will keep halfing.

There is a solution to this though.

If any of the 8 people are only to hold 1 beacon/flag each, the time halfing will come into affect and someone has to capture a position.


Thank you for reading. This took a lot of thought.

This is open for suggestions and I hope I get enough votes for it to go through into a ligitamate playlist.


Divine Flearzz