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You know you play too much CoD when.....


You know what to do! Make it funny, be serious, spill the truth, invent a lie, catch Mewtwo without the Masterball, troll, post the fail whale or the facepalm, ignore this thread, I don't really care so long as you have fun


......So you don't know the rules, eh? 'Kay here are some examples from the original thread:


You know you play too much COD4 when you yell "CAPTURING A" while playing capture the flag in P.E. class (For everyone that isnt out of school yet) -Entity


When you have 30 days of gameplay -DOWTATNO


When you run away from a dead person in Battlefront because you remember martyrdom. -Synex


you say chopper inbound when you see a news helicopter -Sauske


You know you play too much COD4 when you open your boss' briefcase for 5 seconds, shut it, throw it out the window and yell, "BOMB DEFUSED" -Antifreeze3

...you have CoD Withdrawals... *twitch* -KryptY


When you see firefighters 'stop, drop, and roll' and call them tryhards. -Psychosis


when you bite an apple and are fighting the urge to throw it and yell GRENADE! - Zeesbro


there’s a red dot sight burnt into your lcd screen. - xXxSuperBKxXx

when you stare at the deli counter on Bog and wonder what kind of meats they used to serve there - xXxSuperBKxXx


someone bumps into you and you immediately want to hit the ‘melee’ button - xXxSuperBKxXx

.....SuperBK was so funny I'm tempted to just copy and paste his entire post.....

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