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Thank You Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer


Thank you for the 1 second lag you created in MW3, it made my decision much easier to shelve your game. Also, that one second lag I played with for over 4 months helped me a bunch in my transition to Battlefield 3. Now, I feel like I am a second in front of everyone since the game has no lag. Also, thanks to the guy on the forums last night that brought to my attention BF3 is on sale at gamestop for 39.99. I've only played about 2 hours but I already love it.


I feel like a just went from teeball league gaming to major league gaming. It definitely plays a little slower and the load outs are a bit confusing but wow what a difference good netcode makes. Maps are not cluttered great sightlines on every map. Great graphics. My gamertag is Shaft62702 if you want to send a friend request I will play some BF3 with you. And, (I almost forgot) thank you infinity ward and sledgehammer for saving me 45-60 dollars by not buying map packs because you refused to fix the game.