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FMG9 Akimbos Now Underpowered?

It has come to my attention via constant death due to usage of FMG9 Akimbo that I believe they have become underpowered... Why would you even SAY such a thing!!! Well, when I'm killed with a single FMG9 while I use Akimbos and die, while the enemy was shooting from the hip... Another occurance was being killed by a suppresed Skorpion while we were 5 feet from each other. Wouldn't be as bad if he wasn't turned facing the other direction when I started shooting at him...


What does the CoD community think of these happenings? Anything similar? An acceptable answer is F the FMG9[!!!!!], but with that being a given unintelligent answer, please do no respond with such.


I have tried the other machine pistols, since this setup is only for my Riot Shield/Sleight of Hand Pro class, and the magazines carry too small an amount of ammunition and/or fire much much too slow.