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As a new sniper what is best to use?

Hi all,


Been rocking SMGs and Shottys for MW2, BLOPS,and now MW3. But ive decided to become a sniping apprentice ( never really used a sniper ) so what is the easy one to start with or to kill with.


Any advise will be well come.

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    Think your best using one of the bolt actions as you will probably be hard scoping more.If you dont have the MSR I would unlock it with a coin if you have one but the LL is a good bolt action as well and I find it a bit easier to use as Ive only been sniping for about a month 2 months. Having never sniped before as I thought it was cheap and a exploit of the game but s*it is it hard to do consistantly and now take my hat off to anyone I come across that is good at it .Also turn up your sensitivity start at 7 and work your way up to 10.

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    I love the MSR, but you will find that most go with the RSASS. If I were to go Semi-Auto, I'd say the AS50. The only problem with the RSASS is that people spam shoot, and that drives me nuts, but to each their own.


    Between the two bolt-action rifles the L18, and the MSR the MSR is much more steady, and if you're playing HC, well both will be one shot kills for the most part. For Core the L18 is a tad bit more powerful (I believe), but the kick is ridiculous.


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      Never use a bolt action in hardcore rofl...don't even use a sniper in hc. In hc you have 30 health...why use a sniper with base 98 damage...use an MK14 with an acog, you'll have a much larger magazine, WAY less recoil, more versatility, etc. If anything the SVD is good for hc because it has 90% mobility, is semi auto, and is a one shot kill but I'd take the mark 14 any day.

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    By the way I usually run:


    MP9 (Secondary)


    SoH Pro

    HL Pro

    Marksman Pro


    Claymore / Betty

    Scrambler (placed around me since I'm not using Assassin or Blind Eye


    UAV / Pred / Chopper

    Pred / Chopper / Overwatch

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    If you are a fan of SMGs and Shottys or semi autos then try the RSASS because when push comes to shove you can use it off of the hip...


    Granted it's not so many 1 shot kills but put a suppressor and an ACOG on it for lots of fun and versatility...

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    DP Sorry but,




    Sorry to shout but can't risk you missing that advice mate...

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    If youre new to the sniping world start off with semi-automatic snipers dont use bolt actions yet, my opinion start out with either the .50 Cal or the AS50 and work your way up to bolt actions. trust me this is coming from a veteran sniper

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    i snipe all the time unless im on a map that requires me to use a sub or ar, below is my sniper im currently using maybe it will help you. so i like to be fast with my sniper but i do not quik scope to me thats cheap as hell and is completely unrealistic but to the point here ya go


    primary MSR w/ stability & silencer

    secondary G18/akimbo

    slight of hand pro

    quik draw pro

    stalker pro



    scavenger pro

    assasin pro

    blind eye pro


    i just reached the 10th prestige so i have to work for all my stuff but with the tokens i saved from each prestige i pretty much have my class set up already and 10th is as far as im going but if you ever want to snipe send me a private message and ill gladly roll with you. also i do not run an gun with it and do not sit against a corner i run a certain spot an patrol that position

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    Here's my sniper loadout. I find it works fairly well:


    MSR- impact/speed, extended mags/ heartbeat/ variable zoom

    Pistol- P99 suppressed or magnum

    Lethal: Betty

    Tactical: Portable radar or trophy

    Sleight of Hand PRO

    Quickdraw PRO


    Support- loadout depends on mode and lobby



    Most of the choices are self explanatory.


    Bolt actions are iffy to start with though. One the one hand they're OSK's to stomach chest neck and head, but if you miss the first shot you can be kind of screwed.

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      well been home and played all night with a few different snipers, I took on board your coments and I must say I now have new respect for snipers, it is very hard ( too me anyways) but im still learning my trade. it is so satisfying to get a 1 shot kill. even if it wasnt that many lol. my KD took a bit of a hit aswell ( I guess it will to start with)


      Well thanks again peeps, gold camo here I come.