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Re: MW3 Freezing PS3


I'm also having the exact same symptoms as mikeshark813.


I have a 160GB Slim Model PS3 - CECH-2501A that I purchased brand new in February of 2011. I also bought MW3 just over a month ago, brand new, and have been playing it on and off since then, and have had absolutely no issues with the game or my PS3 up until about 2 weeks ago.


The first time I get a disc read error it was in the middle of a multiplayer DM game, and it promptly flashed back to the main multiplayer menu/lobby with the disc read error popup.


Ok, no big deal, sometimes things happen... but then it happened again about 10 minutes later (near the end of another match), boom straight back to the lobby/menu.


Then it would happen, periodically, during random matches, random maps, and random times. Sometimes it would send me back to the lobby with the error popup, other times it would freeze my PS3 entirely and I have to eject the disc to reset the PS3.


So after about 3-4 days of getting the disc read errors and constant freezes, I decided that perhaps something was wrong with my PS3 and began doing testing.


Test #1; Is the Blu-Ray Drive dead or dieing?

   - Tried playing several of my other games and soime bluray movies; Homefront, Crysis 2, Black Ops,etc all single player and multiplayer versions worked without a hitch, played them for hours at a time with no errors or freezes..

Conclusion: Blu-Ray drive is working just fine.


Test #2; Is the MW3 disc scratched, dirty, damaged, etc?

- Singeplayer works just fine, but can't play spec ops missions or anything online... hmm.

- Bought a new MW3 disc from GameStop, got home, completely reformatted my PS3, reinstalled all updates and game data from the new disc. Played an hour or so of multiplayer and bam! Disc read error again... ok so it's defintely not the disc.

- But, talked to tech support, they said they'd replace the disc, but since i just bought it and still had the receipt I just exchanged it at GameStop for a copy they told me was just delivered that week. Get home, played for another 20 mins or so and goddamn DRE again...

Conclusion; Definitely not the damn disc, unless all discs made since they started mass production are faulty...


Test #3; Is the PS3 OS broken or are there corrupted files??

- Ran the PS3 recovery menu, Restored File System, Rebuilt the Database, deleted the history from the PS3, deleted the cache and cookies from the PS3 internet browser, and also deleted and reinstalled the MW3 files (all files, saves and all) just for the hell of it.

- Tried playing MW3 online again, same bs...

Conclusion; Not my PS3's OS or corrupted data that I can tell...


Test #4; Is the PS3 Harddrive faulty, damaged, dead???

- Took my friend's PS3 HDD from his slim (same model as mine) and tried to run his copy of MW3 on it. And yes, his PS3 is running MW3 just fine, he says he's encoutered the disc error message maybe twice since he started playing a couple weeks ago but nothing like what I'm going through.

- Tested his copy of MW3 with his HDD in my PS3... disc error, disc error, freeze, freeze, gave up.

Conclusion; Seriously... I'm at a freakin loss here...



Overall Conclusion; NOT MY GODDAMN PS3, NOT THE OS, NOT THE HARDDRIVE, NOT THE BLURAY DRIVE, NOT THE MW3 DISC.... so what does that leave?

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    Hello Big_FN_Target,


    I am sorry to hear you are having the same problem as mikeshark813. 


    The troubleshooting steps you have taken so far are absolutely correct.  The only things that can ever cause a disc read error are;

    1. Data on the console

    2. The disc itself

    3. The console


    By deleting the game data utility and clearing the browser's cache and cookies, you have removed the possibility of data on your console.

    By trying your game disc on a different console/a different game disc on your console, you were able to isolate the problem to something specific with your console.  Even if the problem is not occurring with the hard drive (as you used your friend's hard drive on your console), the problem seems to be local to some component of your console.


    Unfortunately you will need to contact Sony Customer Support, so that they can assist you with maintenance to your Playstation 3.

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      Ever since I put in MW3 yes my Original PS3 60gb which I tresure freezes allot what the hell is wrong. Fix this I paid $599.99 for my ps3 and don't want another. I worked in AV industry for years everything is perfect with system and disc.

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      I don't quite believe it's my PS3 that is causing this issue. The only game that is causing issues is MW3, I have been playing other games since this issue has been occuring and none of them have caused my console to freeze or register a disc read error.


      I'm not willing to send my PS3 in for repairs when it is working as it should with every other game I own, Unless MW3 uses a part of the PS3 that no other game uses, it doesn't quite add up in my mind...

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        Again, when troubleshooting console issues, there are 3 variables that could be causing the actual issue. The game disc, the game data, and the console are the 3 variables.



        1. Make sure to delete all game data for the game and let it redownload any patches that it requires:



                  A. Navigate to Game Data Utilities

                  B. Highlight your Modern Warfare 3 game data.

                  C. Press Triangle, select delete.



                            Tutorial on how to restore the file system


                  1. Start with having the system in standby (redlight is on)

                  2. Hold the power button down; the system will turn on and turn off once again.

                  3. Press and hold the power button again and keep holding, it will beep as it turns on and then it will double beep. When you hear the double beeps immediately take your finger off the power button (if your system turns off before you get a double beep just try again and hold the button, it should double beep the 2nd time you try)

                  4. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button


                  You will now have a screen with these options :

                  1. Restart System: Restarts the PLAYSTATION®3 System.

                  2. Restore Default Settings: Reset all system settings back to default.

                  CHOOSE THIS ONE 3.Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files.

                  4. Rebuild Database: Rebuilds the OS for the PLAYSTATION®3.

                  5. Restore PS3 System: Fresh restore; Deletes everything and starts from Scratch.

                  6. System Update: Update the PLAYSTATION®3 System




        2. Test your disc on another console. If the disc works fine on another console, the issue is not the disc. If you find that the game does not load on another Playstation 3, we can begin to process a warranty disc replacement if the disc is within the 90 day warranty period and there is no damage on the disc. Please keep in mind, we test and inspect your game disc when we receive it. If we receive the disc with damage or it is no longer within warranty, we will require a 20 dollar replacement fee for the disc.



        3. If the previous steps did not resolve your issue, there may be a problem with the hardware within your console. You may want to contact Sony for further support:



        SCEA Consumer Services

        1-800-345-SONY (1-800-345-7669)

        Mon-Sat 6AM-8PM (PST)

        Sun 7AM-6:30PM (PST)

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          It does not going to work, this is a Software problem, in my case starts whit the 1.08 Update, not so annoyng than the 1.10 Update because it was 1 or 2 times in 2 or 3 hours. Doesn't matter how many times you delete the the game data, reset your PS3, buy a new CoD:MW3 game or PS3.


          I can tell this because:


          1. I know how to use a PS3.
          2. Checked the PS3 it works fine with all my other games.
          3. It also works fine with the blu-rays.
          4. The disk is like new, no scratches, no finger prints, no wather damage.
          5. Check the CoD:MW3 disk in the PS3 that my friend bought 1 week ago and the disk error still there (Installed the update and it doesn't work to play online, just the Campaign, and Online Survival and Special Ops).
          6. My friend has the same "Disk Error" with his new CoD:MW3
          7. I've tested my friends CoD in my PS3, Same error.


          My conclusion:


          • Not the user, because know how the system works.
          • Not the Hardware, all the other games work.
          • Not the Disk, because it worked and was tested with a new one.
          • The game worked until I updated.
          • A lot of players have the same problem.

          Then the problem is the Update it can't be the game, can't be the console.


          I'm not going to pay 20 dlls for a replacement, I've already pay 59.99+Tax. Instead of sending you more money, I'll better go to Gamestop and trade my CoD:MW3 for Battlefield 3.

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    i as all of you have the same problem. it started off as a freeze here or there after a mp match and it started becoming more frerquent to the point it did it after every match. its to the point i cant even get into any type on mp match anymore so i had to result to playing spec ops games. low and behold it started doing it at the end of spec ops matches after a few days and now just freezes up during game play. have any of you noticed when trying to get into a mp match all background music stops while searching for game. ive done everything to my ps3 as far as system restore, formatting, everything. every blu ray and other ps3 game i own works just fine, and even this one on campaign mode so it cant be my ps3. i even resulted in contacting my internet provider witht the issue after having my ps3 deemed to be of good opperating condition but surprise surprise it wasnt the internet connection either.

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    i contacted an attorney regarding this matter and after showing him countless posts regarding this matter and yet still no solution or help i have been advised to proceed with a class action lawsuit. not all of us can run to the store to buy new consoles or disks and since their software is the obvious cause to these problems they will be forced to fix it. next step is to go to the local media with this issue

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    have any of you noticed when trying to get into a mp match all background music stops while searching for game

    Yes!  This is EXACTLY what I am experiencing.  However, it does not happen on my son's account; who is the master account holder.


    As with all of you, this doesnt happen with any other game except MW3   so it is all about our PSN profile and the MW3 server.. Until they fix it

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    I have been having exactly the same issues as you guys. We paid $60 to own a game that is supposed to be working. It has gotten to the point where i can't even play the game without it freezing within the first five minutes. At first I thought it was my ps3, but i took the game to my brothers and played on his ps3 and suprise suprise it froze his ps3 as well. Something needs to be done about this ****!!

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    I have this same bs happening to me. I even bought a new ps3 and ten minutes of playing everything stops. Someone needs to explain

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    Im having these issues as well...tested my friends disc and didnt work...this **** sucks...they need to look into our issues

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    In the safe mode menu select 5...it resets the system to default...you will have to re download and install everything and set up again...shouldnt have to repay for anything...i didnt...it does however keep your game data...since i have done this i have played a total of about 6 hours and it hasnt frozen and on ly one disc read error...i think thats brcause my disc was dirty....its a long shot but its an option

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    I hate to revive a dead post (if this is considered dead, hasn't been replied to since August). But I had the same thing happen to me, but my system would freeze (not DRE) so bad to the point where I would have to flip the switch on the back of my system. I had tried restoring my system to factory settings, I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game data, and I have checked the disc on my friend's system as well (using my account).


    Well then I thought, "what if it's a problem with the user account?" SO I created another user account (using my same system as before), and have restarted my entire player profile (LVL 1). So far it is playing perfectly, no freezing yet (knock on wood)! Try it, might just work.