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My rant, of Call Of Duty ELITE


     Now before I start my opinion of COD ELITE, I am a founder of ELITE and in a clan. But now with the discussion of Call Of Duty ELITE.


     Now, I am proud to have ELITE because of it's features such as the improve section to help me with my weapons, map, and such. The connect section is awesome too but I'm not here to say all of the great features of ELITE. ELITE Premium members get DLC first about months before non premium members do. Now I find this to be completely unfair. Now I am buying ELITE because I am a die hard Call Of Duty fan, and also with all of it's features. But seriously? Why would you give ELITE premium members exclusive DLC and having them have it first? Even with the Playstation people! Even though I don't prefer Playstation, I find it still very unfair for their DLC! Just give DLC to all the people at the same time. Even if Activision still wants Playstation to wait, have them wait for a week! Like when Liberation and Piazza came out for ELITE Premiums for Xbox 360, everyone on Xbox should've gotten it and then Playstations a week later! Not another 3 or 4 or even 5 months!


     You may be doing ELITE to be able to get more money but Call Of Duty is the most popular video game in the world. If this ELITE DLC deal still keeps going on, you will start to lose fans and crumble. You should keep the other ELITE features but just for a price such as $40 a year. Also, you shoudn't make it so like 2 maps come out (Such as Liberation and Piazza), to make the price of $15. I think each map should be $2. Now that would make a lot of people buy the DLC. Then make those Classified DLCs available to everyone too except for ELITE Premiums. Then Spec Op missions could be $2 too. So that way, people can buy multiplayer maps but not spec op missions. People are going to care about the multiplayer maps on tomorrow's DLC Collection for Xbox 360, but not as many on Spec Ops. So you should split each othe maps, missions, and classified DLC.


     But seriously Activision, I would make the DLC available to everyone the day it comes out before you start loseing sales on upcoming Call Of Duty games.