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  • 10. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I will be buying ELITE again because by the time the next game comes out, they should have a better system in place for all the bugs. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. MOST of the bugs. Besides, I always buy the map packs. Why not save a little money?

  • 11. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    No I already canceled premium for next year. Maybe my last COD on PS3 or for ever..


    MW3 is a bugy mappack for 60 Euro. Elite is still nor working but the time is running. And single operations are boring. Wich nerd wants to play for three hours on midday? At the weekend I am in a fitness studio at this time. And in the evening I don´t want to play the same modi so long.

  • 12. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I think you meant MW2.5...

  • 13. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Are you depressed??? Your post was so dark and it actually made me feel pity for you....

  • 14. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    They can forget about it, I'm not wasting a penny more on that crap.....Should have had the bugs worked out to begin with, now they just screwed themselves of anyone ever wanting to renew it. If you do renew it, then you sir/ma'am are a idiot!

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    ELITE is FREE. Premium ELITE isn't. Will I renew my premium membership? Yes, but ONLY FOR DLC and only if it's cheaper to pay up front!!! Can't wait for 3arc's 2012 title!!!

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    If you don't want to renew, you guys better go cancel your auto-renew. Even if you got elite with the hardened edition it will be set to auto-renew on your account.

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    I think elite is a big steamy piece of ****. Clan operations are non-existent as well as clan challenges. Their is no way to setup clan on clan ranked matches only private ones. Why do we have room for 100 clan members and no way to make an internal ranking system where we could have co-leaders. The competitions are just public lobbies which in my opinion should be a seperate lobby so everyone entered can play eachother only seems fair to me. The saddest fact is it took two years for them too bring us elite which the stat portion was working on old World at War website so they just ported that over and gave some new features that dont work what a great deal. Lol yeah right. If I took 2 years to develop something it sure as **** would be 100% working when I released it otherwise I would be getting sued for false advertising by ALL OF MY CUSTOMERS but I know better than that. And I thought activision did too but alas.     So no I will not be renewing my subscription and this is probably my last cod ever since they just keep getting worse and worse to play.

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    I didn't buy elite and don't think I will. I feel sorry for who did.   Your all infected with capitalism

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    Was worth getting premium for the maps instead of paying for them in seperate packs. I thought bout renewing for clan ops then thought "no f***in chance". There ain't gona be anything new for Elite to go premium again at the end of the subscription. Some guys said was stupid to get premium, their totally wrong, but to renew it would be stupid.

    Ain't ever buying another COD game. I'll be amazed if they come close to the sales record with the next in their series after the cr** way they handled this one.

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