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  • 20. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Maybe if there's some kind of discounted renewal price. I don't want to have to get special edition COD every year just to save $10 on elite.

  • 21. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I'm happy I never wasted money on elite, so never going to buy or renew it.

    Never going to spend a dime on any dlc map packs alone either. The multiplayer is unfinished, badly disigned, untested. They used COD franchise to make few billions selling horse dung in MW3 box

  • 22. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Yes, really looking Forward to black ops 2 and hoping the maps on that are as good as they are on black ops and I would want to have them paid for when the game comes out rather than paying for them individually cos the store is that backed up the first few days of DLC release that you can't add funds or buy the maps anyway.

  • 23. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    No, prefer the old fashion map pack day.

    Nothing elite has offered is worth paying for.

    Clan ops still doesn't work and the lone wolf operations are timed dreadful for the UK.

    I don't see the point in paying up front for a service that they can not guarantee.

    All I have to show for premium is an awful looking emblem and title which I feel embarrassed to use.

    Maybe Black ops 2 will renew my love for this game and possibly my subscription.

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    Don't really plan on it.  Elite has pretty much been trash since day one.  Only wat I would remotely consider it is if the next COD is much bettter (prolly won't be) and i decide to get it.  And if the DLC is much cheaper than the just buying the map packs.  And I mean much.


    Hell as of right now I doubt I'll be getting the next COD.

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    In no way shape or form will I be paying for Elite again. As a PS3 user it has been nothing but trash. Currently right now we are 2 drops behind XBOX. I get that we are suppose to be 1 behind. But we are 2 behind. And Non-Elite Xbox guys have 3 drops right now when us Elite PS3 guy have only had 1. So I will not be renewing my elite membership, and I know many other friends on PS3 that won't be either. Elite on PS3 was a huge FAIL



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    I will buy IF that x-box deal is not renewed!!! I probably will buy it anyway

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    Keep trolling, you guys will be the first to pre order special edition ( i know i will) : )

    lol im Not the right age for This Game so even if i do win prizes i will have To give id which i cant And ill Get Banned. Anyways about 70% of the "COD COMMUNITY" is under Age.

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    I'll probably just pick up the Hardened Edition of Black Ops 2 and let Elite roll on.



  • 29. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Oh YES!!