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  • 50. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Not a shot in hell.

  • 51. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    i agree i wont be buying blops 2

    i mean

    everyone excited about elite 2.0 but everything leaked is what elite should of had in the first place

  • 52. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I just had a thought...


    For the 3arc zombie fans: If buying elite means geting a zombie map early would that change the equation?


    Buying elite (for me) was strictly for getting cheaper DLC (although though now I believe that I would not have bought DLC for MW3... such a crap game)


    But for zombies? hmm... I may be buying elite again (assuming I buy BLOPS2)


    But really: If you do not buy DLC, elite premium is a complete waste of time (so far)

  • 53. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Renewing Elite? I doubt that very much. Although I have been fooled before.

  • 54. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    At this moment I say "Hell no", knowing that I will eventually.....

  • 55. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    No way. I think as PS3 players we really got kinda hosed with Elite. I understand Microsoft and Activision have a deal for rights to the DLC first. Why are PS3 Elite members (premium) not getting the new maps at the 1 month period after XBox. That's one issue. The Clan Ops are a joke. It took them months to even get one of those up and running.


    I paid for Elite premium right before PS3 got Piazza and Liberation thinking that without them it would of forced my friends to play the old maps only. Here we are 3 new maps in and still have not seen any of them added to the rotation anyway. You have to play the Elite playlist to even play them. Playing the same new maps over and over gets a little boring. I want to see them added to the playlist like with Black Ops. If you have a member of your party that does not have the maps then there should be a separate playlist chosen by the game to where those maps don't come up.


    I think they should have worked out al the kinks with Elite well before allowing people to pay for the service. Oh but wait that's now how Activision works huh. They'll release a game knowing it has some multiplayer issues and then send patch after patch hoping to fix it. They just found another way to get another $50 (or whatever it was) out of us with promises that couldn't be kept.

  • 56. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I'll buy Elite again once hell freezes over, and considering I'm an Atheist it's rather unlikely.

  • 57. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    Not a chance. And I will gladly avoid all new content.


    I lost 5 months of clan XP because they were not prepare. They sold a broken service.


    There has been no reparation for this 5 month loss. This is almost half my subscription.



  • 58. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    I will not, I actually tried to get a refund for false advertising and failure to deliver on a product.


    Bought mine at gamestop, so I'm SOL.

  • 59. Re: Will you be renewing elite?

    yeah, i will.  i just wish there was a straight tdm, and not tdm/dom/kc mishmash!? although its easier to snipe in dom, but again, people who dont play dom dont capture points, so im stuck doing all the grunt work?

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