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[PS3] - [C4B3] We Are Recruiting!

So your most likely to be wondering, well how good is this clan?

Well firstly, we don't just evolve around one type of gaming. We spread out over EVERY gamemode and we dont stick to one type of gun or any beeswax. We like variety. Also this is a PS3 based clan!

Now your probably wondering - how do i join!? Well simple really.. Just add me on PSN: shakyla2k12  and ssj3naruto then get the clan tag [C4B3] and play with us! It's really simple, no mic needed, though one could be useful. When you add me on PSN, please MSG me saying you'd like to join.


Some Gamemodes We Play ALOT:

Search and Destroy


Team Tactical (TONS)

Kill Confirmed

Team Deathmatch

Team Defender

Capture the Flag




If your still not convinced... watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igr8TAy4XbY&feature=youtu.be


If any further questions, please post below! Thanks!

MAKE SURE YOU ADD BOTH shakyla2k12 AND ssj3naruto