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Why do good things get ruined while the bad things stay and gets worse?




It seems like every time a Cod comes out and has something from the games it ether ruined or is worse. Keep in mind i started playing CoD with WaW so i won't refer to CoD4 that much because i didn't play that game online til after it was hacked. Lets start with knifing. We all know about comanndo in MW2 but without that perk there ws almost no lunge and yes there was the the random lunge but it wasn't to bad. Black Ops now that kinfe lunge was so bad they had to "nerf" it but it seemed the same as before and it was crazy. Now with MW3 the knife lunge is even farther and more common then before. Now explosives. I agree MW2 had strong explovies but without danger close i thought it was a fair range umlike CoD4 frag nade. And i know people are gonna whine about OMA and danger close but i'm talking about the explosions themselves not how you get them or how many you have. I think Black Ops got the explosive power right (shocking it got something right). You can still kill people but it wasn't as if they were on the edge of the nades range they'd die. I always laugh at the BO nades cause i thought they were weak but then i saw MW3 nades i couldn't help but eat my words. I think they took the explosive power down way to far in MW3. I understand they wanted gun on gun action but instead of nerfing exploves to the power of a bottle rocket they should take out claymores, BB, motion senors, stealth perks and have less killstreaks. Hell Black Ops was more gun on gun then MW3 and that game was campers ahoy. Now Scavenger. Probably my second favorite perk every(next to marathron pro from MW2). I agree that in MW2 it was to powerful because it resupplied EVERYTHING. In Black Ops i agree with what they did. You only get bullets from it until you get pro and you don't get granade luancher ammo from it. Now MW3s scavenger should be ashamed. It ONLY resupplies ammo? Really? And they made a perk around EXPLOSIVES(recon) and yet you can't resupply them. I understand that pro is bullets to but still. I like recon to throw a flash into a room and see if someone is camping in there and since campers are WAY to common in this game this is a smart thing to do but since you can't resupply them once your out your pretty much just wasting a perk. This next one is my own OPINION so don't flame this one but i feel that with every CoD the guns start to feel the same more and more. In MW2 every gun had it's own feel no matter how similar the guns were and every gun was good in it's own right and had a trade off. I understand the UMP had no drop off and a 3 hit kill at range so it controlled the SMGs pretty much. The SCAR has low recoil and high damge but it has a slow reload and low ammo. The ACR has a quick reload and zero recoil but it has a slow RoF and low damge. The Tar has high recoil but high damage. Now I'm not going to talk about BO here because we all know that the guns were near clones of each other and every gun had at least 2 other guns that shared the exact same stats so people would go for the fast shooting guns and thus the FAMAS rained king. Now in MW3 I mainly use shotguns(except the modle and striker). Lets look at the CM901. It has the highest recoil, the lowest RoF and it's one of the weakest guns. Why on earth did they do this? This gun is on the bottom of near every list for AR expect in ammo it has the normal 90 rounds. The ACR is back and is better then every. I think it has a slighty higher RoF and has very little recoil as compared to MW2s ACR. Now the AK-47. Oh the AK. This gun WAS a legend among guns and now it's just another gun that's there. Same goes for the M16. It used to be a champion among the weapons and now it's just a steaming pile of poop. Why would they make the m16 so bad compared the t95? I understand it's a starting weapon but still. The M4A1 is a starting weapon and is and always has been a very balenced gun and is very good. I hate seeing guns that are rendered useless compared to its brothers. That's just how i feel on the matter. Now i want to hear your thoughts. Do you agree with me and if not explain your reasoning and be mature in your post please no flaming.