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Just a Ban for Boosting?

why not just make it a 48 hour ban for boosting its probally the least annoying thing to do in CoD the stats reset is abit hectic for a first offence booster

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    If it where me in charge of these things.


    1) First offense,  1 month ban and all stats reset.


    2) Second offense, permanant console ban.


    There needs to be a 0 tolerance policy for cheating in online games.  Look at how the cheaters ruined WAW and COD4.

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    I assume you got caught boosting OP? If so then you got what is deserved. If it was someone else, then THEY got what they deserved also.

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    lmao you were boosting.

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    Honestly, a stat-reset isn't really all that terrible of a punishment. I prestige every chance I get and have to start from scratch with everything. Most players do. In MW3 it's not quite as bad since you can do the equipment unlock, but in Black Ops and previous titles, you were effectively suffering a complete reset each time you prestiged, except for your stats such as kills/deaths/ect...


    I've done the grind so far, about 7x (initial level up + 6 prestiges), and I can honestly say that even if all my stats reset tonight, nothing would really change. I'd simply treat it as if I had just prestiged, and start again like I do every time I hit level 80.


    Though I suppose for those who don't want to ever prestige it can seem a bit harsh. Those of us willing to take the plunge though, it's not so bad.

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    As many people as were rumored to have done the token glitch and that boosted, Activision would soon be out of business if they banned them all for life.  I'm guessing they took the minimal approach to begin with in hopes that it would slow the cheating down without losing all those players. 

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    Why should boosters keep their progress?

    Should thiefes keep the thing he stole (and just gets a lawsuit)?

    NO I think the least thing for boosting is a 30 days ban if they are stupid to do it again perma ban.

    My thoughts..

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    yes it should be


    all stats are boosted, that KDR of 3.0/4.0/whatever he has isn't real, he boosted half

    his accuracy, and we can go on, not 1 of his stats are most likely legit if they boosted enough


    a reset is deserved wether you like it or not


    the 2 day ban is even not enough imho


    they should start out with a 7day ban, then a month's ban, and then permanently instead of 2/6/permanent

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    If you ask me if you get caught boosting I think the first offense should be a 2 month ban and a stat reset on top of that they should add max losses and deaths to your profile and disable your ability to stat reset yourself when you get to max prestige and your second offense they should tell microsoft or sony or steam just to console ban you. Seriously the cheating is getting annoying and they should have zero tolerance to it just like schools have zero tolerance to bullying.

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      mmmk i see no one feels the same as me i just think its the least annoying of all kind of cheats

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        I think if your using some form of hack like when the hacker him self is caught you should pay for the crime. If my buddy steals a car and Im driving it and I know its stolen I go to Jail. If individuals are caught hacking they go to jail, and you cant down load a hack and accidently use it. It sounds petty but loop at the sh!t thats going on with MP3's. IF you use a hack you get fined at least to discourage individuals from doing so.

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           I guess the question is what other cheats have you seen and how are they worse?


           Take a modded controller for example. The guy might do dfamage a little quicker, but at least he has to put himself in the battle.


            Boosters can sit back in a corner somewhere and have a good lead in the game before people even realise what's going on. Many just think of it as people ranking up faster. But I saw them a lot in ffa in mw2 and ranking up was only a portion of it ........ nukes were a biggee, but most of the time they'd get caught and their nuke stopped .......... but chances are they'd still win the game.


            What really annoyed me though, was when these guys would just go boost for the first couple minutes, earn all their ksrs, then play the rest of the match legit ... except they had about a 10 or 15 kill lead and air support to add to it.


            Then, when they are done, they've already unlocked stuff that they shouldnt be able to use. Would you consider it an issue if someone used a hack to unlock weapons, proficiencies, attachments etc? It has the same outcome.


           All I know is if nothing is done or just a light slap on the wrist, they are going to keep it up, then their friends will do it .. then their friends friends etc, and this will be like mw2 all over again............. no ffa, just stop the boosters. If it changes the whole theme of a game mode .... its an issue.

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    LOL.. lucky for you I do not do bans. 1 time and your gone period. No temp ban, no reset. you would be cd/gt/console/ip banned from playing on the servers ever again.


    0 Tolearance, 0 forgivness, 0 chance of it being removed ever. No excuses, no exceptions.

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    First Offence -


    Stat Reset and gamer tag/account permanently removed from leaderboards also they are not able to prestige....


    AND most important.... they get an unremovable title "CHEATER"

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    Rock star is on to something with the cheaters only lobbies..

    You get caught cheatin,boostin.or glitchin you go to a cheaters only lobbie and they can watch ya .if ya keep doing it they bye bye..you have to earn your way back to reg,lobbies..


    http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/35441/taking-aim-at-cheaters-in-ma x-payne-3.html