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Took a little break from MW3.....


I'm just anxious to get the new maps and Special Ops. And you know how its when you play the same maps over and over again, you tend to get a little bored. So I popped in Black Ops, but I didnt find any gratification in it. So I downloaded Call of Duty 4 for like $13, I think. I could have probably payed a lot less buying a used disc. I instantly fell in love with this game once again.


Im a 32 y.o father of two who's been playing CoD games religiously for years. I guess what I m getting at is I went to play ground war. I have my M16A4 in the default classes. I shot off a grenader, but it shot out like an automatic. Then a message popped up on the screen that says this weapon is not allowed and automatically gave an AK47. I backed out of the room immediately. I went to another match. I went to pick a weapon from my custom class slot, and all my classes were different with colorful backgrounds and weapons I havent even unlocked yet. So I had to reset all my classes, and create em again. It seems like eerything is fine now. I checked my score to make sure it didnt get viral by this tool's mods.


I tried to go to the CoD 4 forums to post this issue, but it reads that there's an error everytime I try to click on their forum.


Question: That was a groundwar match. Are there anyother gamemodes I should avoid that are a hotspot for mods?


Anyways back to MW3. I f'n love Call of Duty.



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